First Responders And Flying Cell Sites

First Responders And Flying Cell SitesVerizon

First Responders And Flying Cell Sites If a severe hurricane strikes power and communication services can be disrupted for days. Verizon and American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. (AATI), took the next step in advancing cutting-edge communications from a drone for disaster response. First responders used smartphones to connect to a “flying cell site” and made calls and sent text messages back to…

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Verizon Tests New Drone

Verizon tests new droneVerizon

Verizon Tests New Drone To Deliver 4G LTE Service Early this month Verizon announced that it has conducted the latest engineering flight tests. The purpose was to determine the size of the area for which wireless coverage can be created aerially using a “flying cell site” aboard a long endurance drone piloted by American Aerospace Technologies, Inc. This latest technical test of…

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Verizon Drone To The Rescue


Verizon Drone To The Rescue: Company-Built Giant Unmanned Aircraft To Provide Network Service After Disasters Verizon, the vast network operator of United States, has come up with something new and effective for post-natural disaster situations. The company successfully launched a giant drone, which is the solution to the huge problem after any kind of natural disaster, i.e. cell phone network service….

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Verizon acquires Skyward

Verizon acquires Skyward to simplify drone operations and reduce complexity for operators

Verizon acquires Skyward to simplify drone operations and reduce complexity for operators Building on its strategy to drive innovation and adoption for IoT services in high-growth markets, Verizon today announced that it has purchased Skyward, a private company based in Portland, Oregon. Skyward brings drone operations management to the Verizon IoT portfolio, simplifying drone operations and management for organizations of any size….

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Verizon using drones to inspect cell sites

Source: Verizon

Verizon using drones to inspect cell sites in aftermath of Hurricane Matthew Article Source: RCR Wireless News Verizon Wireless is using drones to help with cell site inspections from the air in North Carolina and South Carolina to survey areas impacted by severe flooding from Hurricane Matthew, the telecom company wrote in a blog post. The quadcopter used for the inspections is…

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Verizon Is Testing Drones

Verizon is testing using unmanned drones to provide wireless connectivity. Photo credit: Verizon

Verizon Is Testing Drones for Providing Emergency Cell Service But the carrier also sees future business use cases for connected drones. Article Source: Fortune Verizon Communications is testing the deployment of large-scale drones to provide mobile connectivity in emergency situations when the land-based cellular network has been damaged. But the carrier hopes the trials will also entice corporate customers who…

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Industry Leaders Jointly Demonstrate Technology for Safe Drone Operations

Industry leaders in cellular, aircraft surveillance, satellite imagery and drones bring together the best technology solutions to enhance technology for safe drone operations as airspace congestion increases RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 26, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — PrecisionHawk, Verizon (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ), Harris (NYSE: HRS) and DigitalGlobe Inc. (NYSE: DGI) today announced the successful completion of initial testing of high-performance airspace services for consumer…

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