DARPA Selects Mobile Force Protection

DARPA Selects Mobile Force ProtectionDARPA

DARPA Selects Mobile Force Protection DARPA’s Mobile Force Protection (MFP) program focuses on a challenge of increasing concern to the U.S. military. These concerns include countering the proliferation of small, fixed and rotor wing, unmanned aerial systems (sUAS). The advantages of these systems, which include portability, low cost, commercial availability, and easy upgradeability, pose an array of dangers for U.S. ground and maritime…

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Sky Hopper To Hit Global Market

Sky Hopper

Sky Hopper To Hit The Global Market Recent reports indicate that a group of UK engineers and planning to build a “mid-mass logistics drone” for global markets. The Sky Hopper is an electrically powered unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). It features a cargo mass load of 100 kilograms along with a tri-fan design. The tri-fan design is to be built in Prestwick in…

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The ThunderDrone Technology Demonstration

The ThunderDrone Technology DemonstrationSoftwerx

The ThunderDrone Technology Demonstration… Coming This Fall A news report found on AIN Online announced that the U.S. Air Force is in the process of planning a “ThunderDrone” technology demonstration. ThunderDrone is a focused technology innovation effort related to drones (sea, land, air, and space), tactical swarms, payloads (kinetic/non-kinetic), and their associated data science applications for the Special Operations community. “Basically it’s to…

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AirMap Takes Flight With KDoT

AirMap Takes Flight With KDoTAirMap

AirMap Takes Flight With KDoT UTM Technology Deployed Statewide AirMap and Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) are announcing that they will deploy Unmanned Traffic Management technology across the state of Kansas. The initiative, which is the first of its kind in the United States, will support the growth of the state’s drone economy and ensure safer skies for all who live, work, and fly in Kansas. UTM, is the technological infrastructure that facilitates data exchange and air traffic…

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NASA Tech Kills Trespassing Drones

NASA Tech Kills Trespassing DronesNASA AMES

New NASA Tech Kills Trespassing Drones Without Even Touching Them Wired released an article discussing an intense new piece of technology from NASA. In the most nightmarish drone scenarios, one of the little whirlybirds flies into an airliner, or wanders into military airspace, or swoops down on the White House. At best, such things are mild annoyances. At worst, they pose a…

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Free Safe2Ditch Technology Webinar

Free Safe2Ditch Technology Webinar From NASANASA

Free Safe2Ditch Technology Webinar From NASA The NASA Langley Research Center has opened registration for its new free webinar. The webinar, called Safe2Ditch Technology, is on an autonomous crash management system that enables landing to a safe and clear ditch site for small UAVs. It is set to take place by NASA Engineers on Tuesday, July 25th from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT….

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Drones To Work Alongside Humans

Teaching Teams Of Drones To Work Alongside Humans and NatureTech Crunch

Teaching Teams Of Drones To Work Alongside Humans and Nature The Robust Reactive Systems Lab just might have the highest ceilings of any laboratory on the Carnegie Mellon campus. It’s big and drafty, and were it not for the rows of computer workstations dotting the room, it might easily be mistaken for an airplane hangar. The centerpiece is a scaffolding structure…

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Will China Dominate UAV Technology?

Will China Dominate UAV Technology? Shenzhen JTT Technology

Will China Dominate UAV Technology? China has developed leading UAV technology, which is more advanced than that of US in a few fields. However, if China is to remain its juicy market share in consumer drones, the transition from functional drones to intelligent drones is necessary. Chinese consumer drone companies have been pace-setters in recent years, taking up more than…

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