Know the law before you take to the skies

Drone in flight: There has been a string of near misses between drones and other aircraft. ABC News: Norman Hermant

Did you get a drone for Christmas? Know the law before you take to the skies Whether a beginner, a serious aviation enthusiast, or just a fan of gadgets, many of you will have received drones as Christmas gifts. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) have surged in popularity and affordability in recent years, and there’s no doubt that recreational drone use…

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New Drone Laws Go Into Effect Today

Atlanta Hobby Yuneec Drone

FAA’s New Drone Laws Go Into Effect Monday, allowing US companies to innovate Source: CNBC Clearer skies are ahead for American businesses betting on drones. New rules by the U.S. Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) go into effect Monday, clarifying what is acceptable commercial usage of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), also known as drones. Commercial drones must weigh less than…

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FAA Punts On The Preemption Issue In Part 107

FAA Logo

FAA PUNTS ON THE PREEMPTION ISSUE IN PART 107 Part Two in a Series on Federal Preemption – Mark Del Bianco, Special Counsel to Antonelli Law Article Source: Drone Laws Blog The FAA’s recent announcement of Part 107, the final rule for commercial small unmanned aircraft systems (SUAS or drones), has justifiably received a lot of publicity and general praise. …

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4 things to know about the FAA drone rules

Four things to know about the FAA’s rules about commercial drone usage

4 things to know about the FAA drone rules about commercial drone usage Article Source: Lucia Maffei via Tech Crunch The rules for commercial drone usage released last week by the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) left some unanswered questions on the table. We discussed some of these with Thomas Gemmell, a former U.S. Air Force fighter pilot and the co-leader of the drone…

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Over 450,000 Hobby Flyers Have Registered

FAA Logo

Over 450,000 Hobby Flyers Have Registered. So Why Does Fighting FAA’s Drone Registry Still Matter? Article Source: John Goglia via Forbes The FAA decision last December to require a drone registry for hobby flyers was met with a firestorm of opposition by many recreational drone and model aircraft operators. Social media websites lit up with outrage over the FAA’s decision to require…

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FAA bill won’t preempt local drone laws

DJI Drones

Lawmakers seek to ensure FAA bill won’t preempt local drone laws Article Source: Melanie Zanona via The Hill Photo Credit: Getty Images/  Alex Wong A handful of lawmakers are pushing to tweak language in the reauthorization of the Federal Aviation Administration that state and city officials fear would curtail their ability to establish and enforce local laws dealing with drones. But the…

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DOT Hit With Lawsuit

DOT Hit With Lawsuit Over Lack of Records from Drone Registration Meetings The Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), claiming the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) did not provide requested records of last November’s drone registration task force meetings, has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit against the agency. Filed yesterday, the lawsuit alleges that on Nov. 6, 2015,…

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RC Flying and the Law in 2016

Model Aviation

RC Flying and the Law in 2016 2016 is a year for all RC pilots to be cognizant and proactive in order to preserve the hobby. 2015 was a year of unprecedented legal challenges for RC aircraft hobbyists. Numerous local governments around the US proposed laws intended to get a tighter grip on RC flying activities. The most far-reaching efforts…

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FAA Issued Important Clarification

Drone Closet

FAA Issued Important Clarification on Registering of Commercial and Recreational Drones Article and Image Source: Jonathan Rupprecht via Drone Law  (Rupprecht Law) Many of us have multiple drones and typically have one or two birds we typically fly. Good news is you do NOT need to register your recreational or commercial drones if they are being operated only indoors OR they are not…

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Think Tank Sues FAA

roblems with the Drone Registration Recommendations

Think Tank Sues FAA In Federal Court Over Drone Registration Rule Article Source: John Goglia, Forbes On the last day to challenge the FAA’s new drone registration rule, a Washington, DC think tank, TechFreedom, has filed a petition for review in the District of Columbia Court of Appeals seeking to overturn the registration requirement.  This is the second lawsuit filed against the FAA’s regulation…

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