Heavy Duty Aerial Robots

Heavy Duty Aerial RobotsNeva Aerospace

Neva Aerospace Project Opens Doors For Development of Heavy Duty Aerial Robots Launch of first VTOL-optimised turbines proved technology behind patented distributed thrust approach, and Neva is ready for development of heavy-duty aerial robots. Heavy duty aerial robots have made a major leap from wish-tech to becoming next generation real-tech innovation after the success of early aeronautical engineering development work…

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Neva Aerospace Releases Athena ETFs

Neva Aerospace Athena Electric Fan

Neva Aerospace Releases Athena ETFs Electric static thrust turbo-fans for VTOL and STOL set to displace rotors in unmanned aviation and unlock innovation across the UAS industry The pan-European Neva Aerospace consortium releases the Athena electric turbo-fans, a world first for OEM electric turbo-fans. The Athena EFTs are the only fans optimised for static thrust and VTOL/ STOL. Neva claims that these…

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