Ensuring Safety In The Sky

Ensuring Safety In The SkyGetty

Ensuring Safety In The Sky and What It Will Take Richard Hanson recently posted an interesting article on The Hill. In the article, Hanson discusses the recent ruling by the U.S. District Court. To refresh your memory the District Court ruled that the FAA’s registration requirement for recreational unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) runs afoul of Section 336 of the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform…

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AMA Advocacy 2017

AMA Advocacy 2017Atlanta Hobby / UAV Experts

AMA Advocacy 2017 The Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) sent out a statement last week regarding the AMA’s recent involvement in Washington D.C. The email can be found below: It’s been a busy week for AMA in Washington, D.C., where the government affairs team has held multiple meetings with members of Congress and other industry stakeholders to discuss FAA reauthorization and…

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AMA Safety Code

Aviation Safety/ AMA Safety CodeAMA

Aviation Safety/ AMA Safety Code The Education Team at the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) sent an email regarding aviation safety and the AMA safety code. The team reiterates the importance of safety while flying and discusses their involvement in promoting safe flight. According to the email, the AMA has had an impeccable safety record for over 81 years. The reason for this is due…

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AMA launches new e-newsletter

AMA launches new e-newslettersacademy of model aeronautics

AMA launches new e-newsletters for helicopter and multirotor enthusiasts On Tuesday, March 16, AMA released its first issue of a new, twice- monthly e-newsletter: Model Aviation Media Minute! Media Minute is designed to give you a quick look at stories that you might have missed from Model Aviation magazine and our other media channels.Through our various media outlets, AMA works…

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Hobbyists Exempt from Nevada UAS Tax

Hobbyists Exempt from Nevada UAS Tax

Hobbyists Exempt from Nevada UAS Tax The Academy of Model Aeronautics would like to thank our members for helping communicate our opposition to the proposed UAS tax in Nevada. Due to our combined efforts, a hobbyist amendment has been created which will make all hobby aircraft exempt from this tax. In addition to our communications, several AMA members wrote and…

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AMA To Offer UAVGS To Its Members

AMA Logo

Academy Of Model Aeronautics (AMA) Now Offering 107 Remote Pilot Test Preparation Through UAV Ground School Program Offers 195,000 AMA Members, Preparation For FAA Part 107 UAV Commercial Knowledge Exam Source: UAV Ground School (ATLANTA, GA) — The Academy of Model Aeronautics serves as the nation’s collective voice for approximately 195,000 modelers in 2,400 clubs in the US and Puerto Rico….

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AMA appointed to a high-level advisory

AMA appointed to a high-level advisory committee/team

AMA appointed to a high-level advisory committee/team Article Source: AMA Government Relations Blog We are excited to share that AMA has been appointed to the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) Drone Advisory Committee (DAC). Dave Mathewson, AMA executive director, will represent the AMA as he joins a small group of executive level stakeholders from across the aviation industry to discuss UAS…

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America’s drone problem may not be as bad

A new report suggest that drones are being more careful to respect the space of other aircraft.

Why America’s drone problem may not be as bad as everyone thinks Article Source: Matt McFarland via The Washington Post Photo Credit: Adrees Latif/Reuters A new report suggests that drone pilots are now flying more responsibly amid heightened public concerns over the dangers of the unmanned aerial vehicles. The Academy of Model Aeronautics analyzed FAA data and found that even as drone sales…

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