HAX and Airbus Seek Start-Ups

HAX and Airbus Seek Start-UpsAirbus

HAX and Airbus Seek Start-Ups For Flying Cars HAX, the hardware startup investor, and accelerator, along with Airbus, is looking for start-ups to join a four-month accelerator program aimed to advance developments in urban air mobility, a.k.a. flying cars. “Transportation in megacities needs fresh ideas to improve the way we live,” said Mathias Thomsen, urban air mobility general manager at Airbus, in…

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Commercial Drone Service Airbus Aerial Takes Off

Airbus Launches Commercial Drone ServicesAirbus

Airbus Aerial Takes Off Airbus Aerial brings aerospace engineering, satellite imagery, and drone services together. Airbus is known for its commercial aircraft, and perhaps best for its A380 airliner that holds the title for the world’s largest passenger jet. At the 2017 Paris Air Show alone it secured $39.7 billion worth of new business. Now Airbus looks to expand its…

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Successful UAV Test Of SAGITTA

Airbus Claims Successful UAV Test Of SAGITTAAirbus | Dr. Andreas Zeitler

Airbus Claims Successful UAV Test Of SAGITTA The First UAV Demonstrator Flight Of ‘SAGITTA’ Is Deemed A Sucess Airbus says it has successfully tested a new type of jet propelled aircraft that could speed the development of unmanned flight. The European aerospace firm said the unmanned, jet-propelled craft flew by itself for around seven minutes over a test site in Overberg,…

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Airbus Takes On Atlanta

Airbus Takes On AtlantaAirbus

Airbus Takes On Atlanta The company launches drone subsidiary Airbus Aerial, makes Atlanta the new headquarters Airbus, a global leader in aeronautics, made some exciting announcements yesterday at the 2017 AUVSI Xponential Expo in Dallas. They plan to launch their U.S. base in Atlanta, Georgia, along with their new commercial drone subsidiary, Airbus Aerial. Airbus Aerial imagery services will target a broad range of…

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Qualcomm, Microsoft, Airbus invest in AirMap

Qualcomm, Microsoft, Airbus invest in AirMap, A Santa Monica drone software start-up

Qualcomm, Microsoft, Airbus invest in AirMap, A Santa Monica drone software start-up The venture capital arms of Qualcomm Inc., Microsoft Corp. and Airbus have led a $26- million investment in AirMap, the builder of drone air traffic management software announced Thursday. The Santa Monica start- up, which opened its first office in 2015, builds technology that tracks air traffic, weather and…

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Drone Defense Systems

Dedrone drone tracking

Airbus and Dedrone to Develop Drone Defense Systems Source: UST Airbus Defense and Space’s Electronics and Border Security (EBS) subsidiary, and Dedrone, a developer of drone detection technology, have announced a cooperative agreement to combine their skills to protect lower airspace from small drones. The partners intend to jointly offer drone defense systems that can reliably detect and defend against…

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Airbus: When crowdsourcing meets aerospace

Airbus: When crowdsourcing meets aerospace Two months after the announcement of the first investment of Airbus Ventures in the US-based motor vehicle company Local Motors, the two companies have launched their first joint pilot project for the co-creation of the next generation of commercial drones. The kick-off for this new crowdsourced way of teamwork, planned for this April, will take the form of an…

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Airbus Reveals Drone Killer Camera System

Airbus Reveals Drone Killer Camera System That Can automatically Detect and Disable UAVs Cameras and sensors can scan large areas Signals can be ‘spoofed’ to allow operators to hijack it Drone can also be jammed to stop in functioning System can work out exactly where it is being controlled from They have begun a growing threat to airports, power stations…

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