Ensuring Safety In The Sky

Ensuring Safety In The SkyGetty

Ensuring Safety In The Sky and What It Will Take Richard Hanson recently posted an interesting article on The Hill. In the article, Hanson discusses the recent ruling by the U.S. District Court. To refresh your memory the District Court ruled that the FAA’s registration requirement for recreational unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) runs afoul of Section 336 of the 2012 FAA Modernization and Reform…

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NATE Releases UAS Safety Video

NATE Releases UAS Safety VideoNATEsafety

NATE Releases UAS Safety Video The National Association of Tower Erectors  (NATE) recently unveiled an awesome UAS safety video. The UAS Operations video was showcased at the 2017 Drone Focus Conference in Fargo, ND as part of Volume 2 of the popular Climber Connection series. The 2017 Drone Focus Conference is a prominent annual gathering of commercial UAS enthusiasts from throughout the United…

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EEI to test drones

EEI to test dronesUtility Dive

EEI to test drones – push for new legal framework Despite visions of a future where drones remotely survey power lines, bringing cost savings and reliability to power customers, EEI said the bulk of inspections of transmission and distribution lines are done via helicopter or manually from the ground. BVLOS drone flights could provide “significant benefits by enabling a safe, efficient and…

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EASA issues new proposed regulations

EASA issues new proposed regulationsEASA

EASA issues new proposed regulations for operating small drones in Europe The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has published a new proposal to regulate the operation of small unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones in Europe. Published in a document called a Notice of Proposed Amendment (NPA), the proposal offers a framework to safely operate drones, while allowing the industry…

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FAA Releases Drone Risk Report

FAA Releases Drone Risk ReportAtlanta Hobby/ UAV Experts

FAA Releases Drone Risk Report “A start toward better understanding the risks of allowing small unmanned aircraft — or drones — to fly over people” In late April the FAA released the final ‘ASSURE UAS Ground Collision Severity Evaluation Report‘. The 195-page drone risk report details drone crash testing along with digital models of the damage falling drones can cause. Also included is…

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Do Not Ruin The Skies


Do Not Ruin The Skies – Here’s America’s Plan If you can’t wait for the day drones plop packages on your porch or a flying car whisks you to work, you should know that the hold-up isn’t technological, but technocratic. Before these future flyers can take off, they must learn to play by the rules of the sky. That means communicating with air traffic…

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AMA Safety Code

Aviation Safety/ AMA Safety CodeAMA

Aviation Safety/ AMA Safety Code The Education Team at the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) sent an email regarding aviation safety and the AMA safety code. The team reiterates the importance of safety while flying and discusses their involvement in promoting safe flight. According to the email, the AMA has had an impeccable safety record for over 81 years. The reason for this is due…

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AirMap and senseFly Partner

AirMap and senseFly Partner

AirMap and senseFly Partner to Advance Safety for Commercial Drones New partnership delivers robust airspace intelligence and unmanned traffic management solutions to senseFly’s largely autonomous commercial drones AirMap, the world’s leading airspace management platform for drones, and senseFly, the world’s first choice producer of mapping drones, today announced that they have partnered to deliver AirMap’s airspace services to senseFly’s eBee…

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Future of Unmanned Flight Approaches

What drones may come: The future of unmanned flight approaches

What drones may come: The future of unmanned flight approaches The once-small community of drone hobbyists has transformed into a worldwide phenomenon. In 2016 especially, significant technology improvements and regulatory clarity have paved the way for even more dramatic changes in the coming years. Among the biggest adopters of drones, and experimenters with them, have been universities. As the director of…

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