CNN Gets Approval From FAA

CNN Gets Approval From FAAFortune

CNN Gets Approval From FAA to Fly Drones Over Crowds of People In Public The next time CNN needs a video of hordes of protestors, it could send a drone to capture the footage, according to a post on Fortune. CNN said Wednesday that the Federal Aviation Administration approved the news network to fly drones over crowds of people. Although CNN has…

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FAA Seeks Emergency Action On Drones

FAA SEEKS EMERGENCY ACTION ON DRONESComposite image made from FAA facility map screen shot and AOPA file photo.

FAA Seeks Emergency Action On Drones According to a new post on AOPA, The FAA is in the process of seeking emergency action on drones. In a Federal Register notice published Oct. 11, the FAA sought from the White House Office of Management and Budget authority to put electronic authorization of drone flights in controlled airspace on a fast track. The agency stated…

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Managing And Monitoring Drone Traffic

Managing And Monitoring Drone TrafficDJI

DJI Managing And Monitoring Drone Traffic DJI, the leader in unmanned technology, outlined its regulatory approach to ensuring the safe growth of drone traffic in two white papers delivered Saturday at the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Drone Enable conference in Montreal. “The rapid adoption of drones for business, academic, government and nonprofit uses has generated enormous benefits for society,…

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Judge Overturns City Drone Ordinance

Judge Overturns City Drone OrdinanceOmer Messinger/Getty Images

Federal Judge Overturns City Drone Ordinance In First Ruling Of Its Kind According to a recent report found on Forbes, the City of Newton, Massachusetts, like many state and local governments, though it could regulate drone flights in the airspace over its city limits. It passed a law this past December that sought to ban unmanned aircraft flights below 400…

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Drone Registration and Safety Tests For The Brits

Drones Registration and Safety Tests For The BritsThe Register

Drone Registration and Safety Tests For The Brits New British drone owners will have to register their craft with the state and pass a mandatory safety test, according to a government announcement sneaked out over the weekend. The plans are a response to the perceived danger of amateur drone operators cavorting around the skies willy-nilly, causing headaches for airliner pilots and…

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A Balance On Drone Regulation

Striking a balance on drone regulationThe Hill

Striking a balance on drone regulation We’re living in a brave new world of technology, and the possibilities really are endless. One of the most exciting developments is Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones. You’ve probably seen one yourself, definitely on TV, or maybe first-hand, flying around your neighborhood. If you’re like me, you think about how drones could make…

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Follow State Drone Regulations

Follow State Drone RegulationsDon McCullough / Flickr Creative Commons

DOT To Drone Operators: Follow State Drone Regulations The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NC DOT) has issued a reminder to drone operators to fly them safely and follow state regulations as more of them take flight. Officials say most recreational and commercial drones fly more often during the summer months. The agency itself is ramping up its use of…

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Drone Rules Under House Bill

Drone Rules Under House BillAMOS GUMULIRA, AFP/Getty Images

Drone Rules Under House Bill Rules include drone deliveries and traffic management Commercial drone operators would get federal deadlines for regulations governing deliveries, for flying the remote-controlled aircraft farther than the pilot can see, and for special rules for smaller drones, under legislation a House panel approved Tuesday. The legislation governing the Federal Aviation Administration from Rep. Bill Shuster, R-Pa., calls…

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The Road To Clearer Drone Policy

Clearer Drone Policyshutterstock

Congress Works Toward Clearer Drone Policy The Drone Innovation Act would direct the U.S. Department of Transportation to work with state and local governments to develop a regulatory framework for unmanned aircraft systems. When a Minnesota brewery wanted to use drones to deliver beer to remote icehouses, the Federal Aviation Administration shot down the idea. Minnesota cities that tried to…

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Official Drone Rules In Europe By 2019

Drone Rules In Europe By 2019Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Official Drone Rules In Europe By 2019 The EU says fragmented drone rules between countries hampers innovation. The European Union doesn’t want to fall behind on drones, which could bring in billions in euros to its member states. The EU’s commission for developing a European air traffic control system said on Friday that its goal is to have rules for…

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