Redundant IMU Sensors


Redundant IMU Sensors For UAS Inertial Navigation Unmanned systems and UAS join measurement data from different sensors to get an accurate navigation. The main sensors used are: IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit), GPS (Global Positioning System) and barometers. At the same time, the IMU embeds different sensors to add inertial data to the navigation. These IMU sensors allow to improve flight…

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Cameras For Surveillance And Inspection Applications

Cameras For Surveillance And Inspection Applications With DronesEmbention

Cameras For Surveillance And Inspection Applications With Drones The use of drones for surveillance and inspection applications provides different functionalities related to mapping and real-time video. Through the use of infrared/thermic, multispectral, hiperspectral and/or RGB/daylight cameras, drones are able to provide a great quantity of useful data, as well as they are able to perform flight operations under conditions that,…

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10 DJI Goggles Facts

10 DJI Goggles FactsWe Talk UAV

10 DJI Goggles Facts That You Didn’t Know Until Now While the DJI Goggles were officially released back in September of 2016, it wasn’t until the end of April that we actually learned about the features. The Goggles combine a pair of large high-quality screens, with long-range and low-latency wireless connectivity. They raise the FPV goggles bar, giving users direct control of photo…

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What Happens When Life Brings You A Karma

What Happens When Life Brings You A KarmaJan Richardson

What Happens When Life Brings You A Karma, You take it out and fly My first successful attempt at flying a drone I have been around the RC hobby for 17 years. I married into it. My husband has been flying, driving, sailing, remote controlled vehicles for 30+ years. While I have spent many hours at the field watching, I have shied…

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Top Products – FPV Equipment

Top Products - FPV EquipmentAtlanta Hobby / UAV Experts

Top Products – FPV Equipment – Goggles vs Display Monitor If you remember our article on (INSERT LINK), we stated that both goggles and display monitors are great options for flying FPV. When choosing between the two options, it basically comes down to your comfort level and the application of use. Goggles allow pilots to be fully immersed in the…

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Top Products – Drone Camera Lens Filters

Top Products - Drone Camera Lens FiltersAtlanta Hobby / UAV Experts

Top Products – Lens Filters After our post discussing what ND filters are and how to use them, we decided to compile a list of our top recommendations. The following recommendations are for our most popular drones with high-end cameras, for more lens and filter options please click here. Remember, filters are like sunglasses for your camera. Remember, filters are…

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Real World With The M200 Series

The Real World With The Matrice M200 SeriesAtlanta Hobby/ UAV Experts

The Real World With The M200 Series From DJI A Recap Of The DJI Matrice 200 Series Road Show  After an 870+ mile round trip, including horrendous weather, I’m happy to finally be back at our shop. Last week, my team and I traveled up to Raleigh, NC to attend a training demonstration for DJI Enterprise Dealers and Distributors hosted by DJI, PrecisionHawk, and North…

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