Key Unmanned Industry Terms

Key Unmanned Industry TermsAtlanta Hobby/ UAV Experts

Key Unmanned Industry Terms A Accelerometer: A device that measures the acceleration forces in a certain direction and is helpful in maintaining the drone’s orientation. These devices are used to stabilize quadcopters. Almost-Ready-To-Fly (ARF): Are systems that require assembly. They may or may not come with a transmitter. Altitude Above Ground Level (AGL): This is a height measured with respect to the underlying ground surface. Altitude Hold function: Allows pilot…

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What is a drone?

What is a Drone?Atlanta Hobby / UAV Experts

Industry Terms – What is a Drone? Let’s start off by understanding that the terms drone, UAV, and UAS are interchangeable terms. The FAA defines UAS, or unmanned aerial system, as an aircraft without a human pilot onboard – instead, the UAS is controlled by an operator on the ground.  There are two main types of drones, fixed-wing and multi-rotor. Fixed-Wing Fixed-wing aircraft use a…

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Industry Terms – ND Filters

Terms + Uses - ND FiltersAtlanta Hobby / UAV Experts

Industry Terms + Uses – ND Filters So what exactly are ND filters and why do you need them? Neutral Density (ND) filters are used to reduce or modify the brightness of the scene that you’re shooting. They are an “add-on accessory” that comes in the form of a dark grayish or clear layer, usually made out of either glass or plastic, which…

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