Drones And Puerto Rico

Drones And Puerto RicoNATILUS

Drones And Puerto Rico – Where Are They? WITH THE CRISIS in Puerto Rico unfolding — and expanding — daily in the wake of Hurricane Maria, the scale of the devastation is coming into horrifying focus. It’s not just that the American territory has been, by many accounts, “destroyed.” It’s that crucial relief supplies aren’t reaching the island. “We are dying…

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UAVs Help NOAA With Hurricane Maria

Raytheon Coyote UAVs Help NOAA With Hurricane MariaRaytheon Company

Raytheon Coyote UAVs Help NOAA With Hurricane Maria The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration used six Raytheon Company Coyote® unmanned aerial vehicles to track and model Hurricane Maria. Launched from a NOAA WP-3D Orion hurricane hunter aircraft, the Coyotes flew directly into the storm, giving researchers an unprecedented view of Maria from a safe distance. Developed for the military, Coyote is a…

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Drones, A Hurricane Response and Recovery Tool?

Are Drones A Valuable Hurricane Response and Recovery Tool?The Weather Channel

Hurricane Response and Recovery – Are Drones A Valuable Tool? With the recent catastrophe from Hurricane Harvey, and Irma, Katia, and Jose on the move, hurricane season is here and it’s not leaving anytime soon. A deadly combination of violent wind and rain, hurricanes are a force of nature leaving a path of total destruction. There is, however, a new tool…

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