Drones For Emergency Services

Drones For Emergency ServicesSkytango

The Uses And Value Of Drones For Emergency Services Skytango published an awesome article discussing how drones are being used increasingly for emergency services and answering how emergency services can leverage and safely deploy such technology. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, as the platforms are more commonly known, are the technology of the moment. Drones are increasingly being employed in a…

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UAV Detects Methane Gas

UAV Detects Methane GasMartin Instrument

This UAV Detects Methane Gas In Natural Gas Lines, Tanks, Gas Wells and Landfills Martin Instrument and Microdrones have partnered and announced the release of a new professional aerial methane detection solution, the mdTector1000 CH4. It’s the newest fully integrated aerial methane inspection package for the microdrones multi-rotor UAV, built for professionals responsible for methane gas infrastructure. “For our oil and gas customers,…

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Drones Fight Python Invasion

Drones Fight Python InvasionVolAero Drones

VolAero Drones Fight Python Invasion In The Everglades With Thermal Cameras VolAero Drones is working with famed outdoorsman Bill Booth to demonstrate that drones equipped with the latest thermal imaging equipment can effectively spot and track pythons at night – the prime hunting time. Over 100,000 Burmese pythons infesting the Florida Everglades  have decimated 90 percent of small wildlife while surviving all…

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Drones Replace News Helicopters

Drones Replace News HelicoptersSTEVEN D. STARR/CORBIS/GETTY IMAGES

Will Drones Replace News Helicopters In The Future? When Hurricane Harvey hit Texas in August 2017, readers of USA Today’s website were able to watch dramatic aerial video footage of the city of Houston flooding, a nearby chemical plant immersed under water and other startling views of the disaster. But the eye-catching clips weren’t shot by a cameraman perched in a helicopter, as…

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Mysteries Of The Abandoned – Chernobyl’s Deadly Secrets

Mysteries Of The Abandoned - Chernobyl’s Deadly Secrets Featuring Philip GrossmanPhilip Grossman

Mysteries Of The Abandoned With Philip Grossman Chernobyl’s Deadly Secrets Premieres August 31 At 9 Pm On Science Channel With so many different uses for drones, it’s safe to say that our industry trumps most. From saving lives to aiding our military, and capture incredible images, to inspecting bridges, the uses are limitless. One of our favorite uses comes from…

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Firefighters Praise Drone Technology

Firefighters Praise Drone TechnologyKOLD News 13

Drone Day: Firefighters Praise Drone Technology and It’s Usefulness TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) – New technology has forward-thinking fire departments hoping to take action. “No question. The advantages of drones are there,” Tucson Fire Department Capt. Julian Herrera said. He spoke with Tucson News Now about how using the overhead drone view provides perspective when fighting structure fires, and in…

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Radiation Monitoring via UAV

Radiation Monitoring via UAVBNC Scientific

Radiation Monitoring via UAV Meet The Phoenix ACE RAD Drones are constantly in the news, with uses for these systems expanding every day. The latest use involves monitoring radiation. BNC Scientific, a division of Berkeley Nucleonics Corp., is the first to offer this type of system. The Phoenix ACE RAD is a UAV Radiation Detection Solution, complementing the company’s family of nuclear detection technology. Thanks to this…

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JTT Firefighting Drones Are Saving Lives

How JTT Firefighting Drones Are Saving LivesShenzhen JTT Technology Co.,ltd

How JTT Firefighting Drones Are Saving Lives As drone technology continues to bloom within the public-safety sector, firefighting agencies have especially found UAV tech beneficial in battling blazes. Steve Richards, A firefight service’s station manager, has been trained as a drone pilot and says drones will save lives. He added: “It gives you the whole picture so when you go…

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Ampyx Power collaborates with E.ON

Ampyx Power collaborates with E.ON to commercialize Airborne Wind EnergyAmpyx Power

Ampyx Power collaborates with E.ON to commercialize Airborne Wind Energy Ampyx Power, a Dutch developer of Airborne Wind Energy Systems, a next generation of wind energy technology allowing low-cost production of renewable energy, today announced a cooperation with the German utility E.ON. In addition, Ampyx Power launches a new crowdfunding campaign aimed at raising investments of € 2.5 million. Ampyx…

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Cloud4Drones Platform Enables Live Use

Cloud4Drones Platform Enables Live Use of Drone-collected Dataeit Digital

Cloud4Drones Platform Enables Live Use of Drone-collected Data The annual cost for various maintenance inspections in Europe is estimated to be approximately €2 billion. The economic implications for commercial drone use for infrastructure inspections are undeniable. According to Deloitte University Press*, it is e.g. possible to inspect 15 – 20 wind turbines in a day by using drones with advanced…

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