Historic Agreement Signed

Ehang 184

Historic Agreement Signed Between GOED, NIAS & EHANG to Advance UAS Research & Develepment Article and Photo Source: Ehang LAS VEGAS, N.V. May 26, 2016 – The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) and the Nevada Institute for Autonomous Systems (NIAS) have executed a historic teaming agreement with EHang, Inc., a technological innovation company specializing in Research & Development, manufacturing, and…

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Researchers Using Drones As Firefighting Tool

University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers

Nebraska researchers using drones as firefighting tool BEATRICE, Neb. –  Researchers in Nebraska tested a new tool on Friday that could eventually help in fighting grass fires — drones. A team from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln flew an unmanned aircraft over the prairie at the Homestead National Monument of America on Friday, dropping ping pong-like balls filled with a chemical…

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Drone Analytics Product Offers Faster Processing

New Drone Analytics Product Offers Faster Processing of Homeowners Claims A drone combined with analytics offers insurers a way to not only inspect and investigate claims but also process them. US DataWing Aerial Analytics incorporates data and images captured by a drone using a proprietary algorithm – a set of procedures or steps to complete a computer process – to assist in…

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How Drones Can Improve Scientific Research

How Drones Can Improve Scientific Research They aren’t just for Amazon anymore. Drones—and promises about drones—seem ubiquitous these days. And some of what we associate with drones comes with varying degrees of scariness. We think of automated planes shooting missiles, drones flying near sensitive nuclear power plants, or quadcopters crashing into crowds while filming. If we think about everyday possibilities,…

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States study drone use for road projects

States study drone use for road projects BOSTON — State transportation departments are increasingly studying the use of drones for everything from inspecting bridges to clearing car accidents. Michigan transportation officials are set to begin a two-year study. Minnesota has tested a drone to help conduct safety inspections of bridges. Vermont is using federal grant dollars to study the use…

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Drones becoming important tool

Drones becoming important tool for weather researchers and forecasters OKLAHOMA CITY, OK (KTVI) – The National Tornado Summit is an annual, national forum that brings together insurance professionals, regulators, weather experts and emergency management officials. Together they go over the latest research and technology to improve disaster response and preparedness. One of the hot topics this year is the use of…

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How drones help us study our climate

How drones help us study our climate, forecast weather Veerabhadran (Ram) Ramanathan of Scripps Institution of Oceanography discovered something important when he launched one of the largest experiments to study air pollution with regular aircraft. “What I found was how expensive it was,” he says. Ramanathan soon realized that fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) could perform many of the same…

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DePaul University Use Drones For Research

Drones for research: DePaul University Archaeologist Explains UAV Use At Fifa For Site Documentation, Monitoring CHICAGO — “Drones are proving to be powerful new tools to archaeologists for documenting excavation, mapping landscapes and identifying buried features. They also can be applied to monitor site destruction and looting in the present,” said Morag M. Kersel, an assistant professor of anthropology at DePaul. Kersel,…

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Global Hawk Studies Severe El Nino Weather

NASA Global Hawk Studies Severe El Nino Weather over the Pacific Ocean SAN DIEGO, Feb. 5, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The NASA Global Hawk will conduct several missions to collect detailed data over the Pacific Ocean from complex El Niño weather patterns resulting from variations in ocean temperatures across the equator. A photo accompanying this release is available at: The…

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Drones to Count Growing Seal Colonies

Scientists Turn to Drones to Count Growing Seal Colonies On a remote island off of Nantucket, scientists are using a tool most commonly associated with war and surveillance to get a look at fuzzy baby seals. Researchers who want to get a handle on the growth of New England’s gray seal population have been using drones as part of an…

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