Police Test Thermal DJI Drones

Police Test Thermal DJI DronesHandout

Hong Kong police test thermal DJI drones for its elite units The Chinese firm was subject of US ban because of cybersecurity concerns According to the South China Morning Post, Hong Kong’s elite police squads have been testing thermal drones made by the Chinese company that recently had its equipment banned by the US military over cybersecurity concerns, according to…

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Yuneec H520 Commercial UAV

Yuneec H520 Commercial UAVYuneec

Yuneec H520 Commercial UAV Now Available Yuneec International, a world leader in electric aviation, releases updates on the H520 UAV. The system, which launched back in January, is officially available, according to the companies latest release. Utilizing Yuneec’s proven six-rotor platform, it’s Yuneec’s first platform designed for commercial use. The system offers reliable and stable flight, a variety of payload options, and…

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Departments Getting New Eyes In The Skies

departments getting new eyes in the skiesFredericksburg Police Department

Fredericksburg Police, Fire Departments Getting New Eyes In The Skies released a new report on the newest ‘recruits’ for both the Fredericksburg police and fire departments. These ‘recruits’ being bright orange, 3.5 pound drones capable of flying for up to 25 minutes without recharging their batteries. More importantly, the two Autel X-Star Premium small unmanned aircraft systems, or sUAS as drones are…

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Full-Time Flying Drone Squad

Full-time flying drone squadSky News

Full-Time Flying Drone Squad: Police launch first 24-hour drone unit The drones are helping in missing person searches, crime scene photography and responding to traffic collisions. Two police forces in the South West have set up the UK’s first operational drone squad to fight crime. Forces up and down the country have been trialing the use of the mini aircraft…

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Marines Test New Reconnaissance sUAS

US Marines Test New Reconnaissance sUAS

US Marines Test New Reconnaissance sUAS The U.S. Marine Corps has announced that it has tested the capabilities of a new drone known as the Instant Eye. The system was tested by a team of four Marines with Task Force Southwest at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, N.C. Throughout Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom, the armed services used unmanned aerial…

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AIRFENCE Drone Countermeasure Platform

SensoFusion Airfence logo

Sensofusion Announces Upgrades to AIRFENCE Drone Countermeasure Platform Sensofusion has announced increased functionalities and in-demand service features for the company’s AIRFENCE drone countermeasure platform. The new upgrades will be unveiled during the 2017 International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi, UAE. Included in the AIRFENCE 4.0 platform is new radar system hardware, which incorporates new features including the…

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If You Fly a Drone, so Can Police

Police Drone

If You Fly a Drone, so Can Police What the Fourth Amendment says about law enforcement use of unmanned aerial vehicles. Article Source: Stephen E. Henderson via Slate Photo Credit: Sofya Levina. Images by agnormark/Thinkstock and Ingram Publishing/Thinkstock. According to the U.S. Constitution, the more you fly your drone, the more police can fly theirs. “Come on,” you might reply, “that hoary…

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Drone complaints to Welsh police forces rise

3 Hot drone stocks

Drone complaints to Welsh police forces rise Police are dealing with a significant rise in calls about drones amid the growing boom in “cameras in the sky”, figures released to BBC Wales show. South Wales Police saw the biggest increase, with 38 separate incidents over the past year – up from only four during the previous three years. Gwent Police…

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