Verity Mapper Turns Drones into Accurate Mapping Systems

Verity Mapper

Verity Mapper Turns Drones into Accurate Mapping Systems Verity Positioning has announced the release of Verity Mapper, a complete and flexible UAV mapping solution that combines professional geospatial products to enable reliable, survey grade mapping. Verity Positioning is a PPK geo-referencing hardware/software/methodology solution that enables high accuracy mapping from UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) without the need to place ground control points….

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Engineers Take Drone Data Higher

Group of Engineers Take Drone Data Higher InfraDrone LLC

Group of Engineers Take Drone Data Higher InfraDrone LLC, a High-Tech company providing drone-based data and analysis, announces the launch of their proprietary APA SystemTM. This system is designed to take the use of drones to new levels by equipping the drones with highly sophisticated cameras, imaging, and nondestructive evaluation technology and applying proprietary machine learning analytics to interpret the data effectively. Some…

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Yuneec H520 Commercial UAV

Yuneec H520 Commercial UAVYuneec

Yuneec H520 Commercial UAV Now Available Yuneec International, a world leader in electric aviation, releases updates on the H520 UAV. The system, which launched back in January, is officially available, according to the companies latest release. Utilizing Yuneec’s proven six-rotor platform, it’s Yuneec’s first platform designed for commercial use. The system offers reliable and stable flight, a variety of payload options, and…

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HAZON Reaches Major Bridge Inspection Milestone

HAZON Reaches Major Bridge Inspection MilestoneHAZON Solutions

HAZON Reaches Major Bridge Inspection Milestone It looks like congratulations are in order for  HAZON Solutions, the national leader in drone inspection services. The company reached a huge milestone when it surpassed the inspection of more than 100,000 linear feet of railway bridges. Since early 2016, Norfolk Southern has commissioned HAZON to conduct the most comprehensive drone-based inspections in the industry….

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The Next Level Of Cell Tower Inspections

Next Level Of Cell Tower InspectionsAT&T

AT&T To Use Artificial Intelligence For The Next Level Of Cell Tower Inspections It looks like AT&T is ramping up business and taking its cell tower inspections to the next level. AT&T is constantly installing, repairing or inspecting one of its 65,000 cell towers. That’s a lot of towers and even more work. So what are they doing to reduce the workload?…

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Hybrid Drone Completes Bridge Inspection

Hybrid Drone Completes Bridge InspectionDRBA

Hybrid Drone Completes Bridge Inspection The Delaware River Bay Authority (DRBA), charged with providing vital transportation links between New Jersey and Delaware, has announced that, using a drone that can both fly and swim, the first combination aerial and underwater bridge inspection was successfully conducted on the Delaware Memorial Bridge Twin Spans, through a collaborative effort with Rutgers University-New Brunswick (RU-NB) and…

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GE Begins Testing Drones

GE Begins Testing DronesREUTERS/Daniel Becerril

GE Begins Testing Drones According to recent reports on Reuters, General Electric Co., an American multinational conglomerate corporation, has officially begun testing drones. The company is testing autonomous drones and robotic “crawlers” to inspect refineries, factories, railroads and other industrial equipment with an eye on capturing a bigger slice of the $40 billion companies around the globe spend annually on inspections….

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5 Business Lessons about Drone Inspections

5 Business Lessons about Drone InspectionsShutterstock

5 Business Lessons about Drone Inspections A new research report found on discusses the 5 business lessons about drone inspections. According to the post, a new research report titled “Five Valuable Business Lessons About Drones in Asset and Infrastructure Inspection” has been released. It comes are the fourth part in a series of white papers intended to share lessons learned…

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Radiation Monitoring via UAV

Radiation Monitoring via UAVBNC Scientific

Radiation Monitoring via UAV Meet The Phoenix ACE RAD Drones are constantly in the news, with uses for these systems expanding every day. The latest use involves monitoring radiation. BNC Scientific, a division of Berkeley Nucleonics Corp., is the first to offer this type of system. The Phoenix ACE RAD is a UAV Radiation Detection Solution, complementing the company’s family of nuclear detection technology. Thanks to this…

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Foundations of UAV Surveying

Do you know the foundations of UAV surveying?Spatial Source

Do you know the foundations of UAV surveying? Australian UAV educational provider, UAVAIR, has launched a specialised set of training programs for accredited unmanned aircraft pilots to perform aerial surveying. In partnership with Propeller, the two Australian startups aim to encourage organisations to save them time and money, reduce risk and acquire better data. In recent years, UAVs (also known…

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