Drones May One Day Save Your Life

These paper-airplane drones may one day save your life. Credit: Otherlab

These paper-airplane drones may one day save your life DARPA is funding autonomous cardboard airplanes that can carry medical supplies. Drones make a lot of sense when delivering things in an emergency to areas with unreliable road conditions, especially to places where people can’t go — like regions that are under quarantine and in need of medical supplies. The problem,…

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Hobby Drones Save Elephants

A mother and her calf in Tarangire National Park, Tanzania. Photo by Lori Price

Hobby Drones Save Elephants, Act As Peacekeepers A new study finds that low-cost drones have a significant impact in protecting elephants by preventing human-elephant conflict in farmland near Tarangire and Serengeti National Parks in Tanzania. The project, designed by RESOLVE’s Biodiversity and Wildlife Solutions program, in partnership with Tanzanian Wildlife officials and the Mara Elephant Project, works by using the…

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First Humanitarian Drone Testing Corridor

Children in Malawi watch a community drone demonstration in Lilongwe. In March, the Ministry of Health and UNICEF launched the first 10km auto programmed flight to speed up testing and diagnosis of HIV in infants. © UNICEF/UN013394/Khonje

The Government of Malawi and UNICEF Announce First Humanitarian Drone Testing Corridor In Africa LILONGWE, Malawi/NEW YORK, 15 December 2016 – The Government of Malawi and UNICEF have announced the establishment of an air corridor to test potential humanitarian use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) – also known as drones. The corridor is the first in Africa and one of the…

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Maritime Search and Rescue

ScanEagle Drone and ViDAR for Maritime Search and Rescue

ScanEagle Drone and ViDAR for Maritime Search and Rescue Insitu’s ScanEagle platform has now close to one million flight hours. The Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) from Boeing’s wholly owned subsidiary recently completed a demonstration of its capacities to the Royal Navy as well as military and industry officials from across the globe. The ScanEagle drone from Insitu showcased its newest…

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Telemedical Drones Deliver Supplies

HiRO telemedical drone

Telemedical Drones Deliver Supplies During Demonstration HiRO (Health Integrated Rescue Operations), a telemedical drone project, has announced that it has tested two new disaster drones, delivering telemedical packages to victims and rescue personnel in a simulated mass casualty event at John Bell Airport in Bolton, Mississippi. The technology debuted before an audience including Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant and representatives from…

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Georgia Model Aviators 2016 Toys for Tots Airshow

GMA Airshow 2016 Toys for Tots

The GMA Airshow 2016 Toys for Tots This past week the Georgia Model Aviators & Toys for Tots teamed up to deliver the 2016 GMA Airshow Toys for Tots. To say it was a success would be an understatement! Several hundred visitors came out to the GMA Airfield in Forsyth County, Georgia to enjoy a special day of ‘flight’. Uniformed U.S. Marines…

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Blood products unaffected during drone transport

Johns Hopkins researchers attached a cooler packed with blood products to a S900-model drone. IMAGE CREDIT: JOHNS HOPKINS MEDICINE

Blood products unaffected during drone transport, Johns Hopkins study shows In what is believed to be the first proof-of-concept study of its kind, Johns Hopkins researchers have determined that large bags of blood products, such as those transfused into patients every day, can maintain temperature and cellular integrity while transported by drones. In a report about the findings, published online…

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