With drones against fire

With drones against fire

With drones against fire Latvian heavy-duty drone manufacturer Aerones Ltd., together with the fire and rescue team from Aizkraukle, conducted an experiment the world had never seen before. In this experiment, the “Aerones” drone was tested to fight possible fire accidents. The results proved that it is able to reach heights exceeding those of firefighter truck ladders, while the drone also has the capability to…

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NASA Explores Drone Aerodynamics

Exploring Drone Aerodynamics With Computers

NASA Explores Drone Aerodynamics Using Computers Researchers at NASA’s Ames Research Center are using computer models to simulate the airflow around an aircraft. This technique tests the design of the aircraft, which help improve the performance of next-generation vehicles. The most recent device that this specific technique has been used on is the Phantom 3 drone by DJI. The DJI Phantom 3,…

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Drones May One Day Save Your Life

These paper-airplane drones may one day save your life. Credit: Otherlab

These paper-airplane drones may one day save your life DARPA is funding autonomous cardboard airplanes that can carry medical supplies. Drones make a lot of sense when delivering things in an emergency to areas with unreliable road conditions, especially to places where people can’t go — like regions that are under quarantine and in need of medical supplies. The problem,…

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UK drone guidelines for offshore oil and gas

Cyberhawk plays key role in development of UK drone guidelines for offshore oil and gas. Issued on behalf of Cyberhawk Innovations by think. For more information please contact Jenny Adams, or on 01224 623960.

Cyberhawk plays key role in development of UK drone guidelines for offshore oil and gas  Cyberhawk Innovations, the world leader in aerial inspection and survey using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS), otherwise known as drones, has welcomed Oil & Gas UK’s new guidelines on the use of drones in offshore environments.  Cyberhawk played a key role in the drafting of the ‘Unmanned Aircraft Systems…

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Passenger Drones Could Make Flying Taxis Possible

Two Autonomous Passenger Drones Could Make Flying Taxis Possible

Two Autonomous Passenger Drones Could Make Flying Taxis Possible Ehang’s 184 and Urban Aeronautics’ Cormorant have both completed test flights. Two drones powerful enough to carry passengers could usher in the era of autonomous flying taxis. A year after debuting its passenger drone at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Shanghai-based Ehang released video footage this week showing…

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Spy’Ranger Mini UAVs

Thales Spy’Ranger UAV

Thales to Provide French Armed Forces with Spy’Ranger Mini UAVs The French Defence Procurement Agency (DGA) has selected Thales’ latest-generation Spy’Ranger mini surveillance and reconnaissance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) to equip the French forces. Up to 70 mini-UAV reconnaissance systems (SMDR) will be made available. Each system consists of three mini-UAVs, a ground segment and the associated technical support. The armed…

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New Dual Thermal Camera Solution

TeAx ThermalCapture Fusion

TeAx Technology Announces New Dual Thermal Camera Solution TeAx Technology has announced the release of ThermalCapture Fusion, a dual camera solution that captures and stores both thermal and visual data. “Small commercial drones were missing out on a solution of a perfectly aligned dual camera, which connects both the thermal and the visual world professionally together,” said Markus Ax, CEO…

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Yuneec Unveils New Six-Rotor Drone

Yuneec H520 Drone

Yuneec Unveils New Six-Rotor Drone for Commercial Applications Yuneec International has announced the expansion of its commercial UAV offerings with the unveiling of the H520, an advanced multirotor drone for commercial applications. The H520 builds off Yuneec’s proven six-rotor platform and incorporates commercial-grade cameras and applications for high-end commercial use. The H520 offers longer flight time, greater payload, modular design and…

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A prototype of and Qualcomm's idea for an in-home security drone. Photo by

At CES, flying drones are’s home security moonshot The subscription-based home security provider is partnering with Qualcomm to develop camera-equipped home security drones that can automatically investigate unexpected noises and activity. has a big, bold idea for how to smarten up your home security: camera-equipped drones capable of flying through your home to investigate unexpected activity. The subscription-based…

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Construction Workflow With Drones

Daily meetings start with Skycatch maps.

Upgrade Your Construction Workflow With DronesCommunication and collaboration Communication and collaboration is critical on every construction site. From the initial design to the final product, communication between the trades, the supers, and the engineers needs to be constant and easily understood. We talked to Grant Hagen, VDC Manager and drone pilot for The Beck Group to get the inside story…

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