UAV Experts Expands Training Operations

CoStar Training GroupAtlanta Hobby / UAV Experts

UAV Experts Expands Training Operations UAV Experts, along with sister companies Atlanta Hobby and Gold Seal UAV Ground School, announced that they have expanded their UAV Training offerings.  Cliff Whitney, CEO of UAV Experts, said “We have continued to expand our curriculum and are now offering up to four, one, two and three day classes per month to accommodate the growing request…

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Real World With The M200 Series

The Real World With The Matrice M200 SeriesAtlanta Hobby/ UAV Experts

The Real World With The M200 Series From DJI A Recap Of The DJI Matrice 200 Series Road Show  After an 870+ mile round trip, including horrendous weather, I’m happy to finally be back at our shop. Last week, my team and I traveled up to Raleigh, NC to attend a training demonstration for DJI Enterprise Dealers and Distributors hosted by DJI, PrecisionHawk, and North…

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Security Sensitive Flight Restrictions

Security Sensitive Flight RestrictionsFAA

Security Sensitive Flight Restrictions The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has released a notice requesting that all pilots and remote pilots be aware of the newest Notice to Airmen. Please be sure to read the notice (located below) or on the FAA’s website and share with your friends. The FAA has established airspace restrictions over 133 military facilities to address national…

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Industry Giants Flounder

Industry giants flounder and fail falling to their death in the rush to zero profits due to consumer demands. Credit: 010317hobbicostock.png

Industry Giants Flounder Having their cake and eating it too while falling to their death in the rush to zero profits.  Recent announcements from Macy’s, Sears, Kmart, and the Limited show that the retail industry is indeed in trouble, and they are not the only ones. As Amazon tightens their grip on the economy, Parrot announced today that they are too laying off 35%…

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Fire Starting Drones Helping Protect

Firestarting Drones are good!

Fire Starting Drones Helping Protect People You’ve heard about drones – unmanned aircraft – being used for everything from military attacks to documentary filming. Now, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln is designing one to light fires, in a way that helps protect people and the environment. On a warm spring morning, a burn crew dressed in yellow and green flame-resistant clothing…

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New Podcast Interviews Cliff Whitney

New Podcast Interviews Cliff Whitney of Atlanta Hobby & UAV Experts This week a new Podcast called “SomeDrone podcast” interviews Cliff Whitney, President/ CEO of UAV Expert News, UAV Experts and Atlanta Hobby which manufacturers, imports and distributes electric flight, remotely piloted aircraft and related products around the globe. Cliff’s is also the founder of , which builds and operates unmanned aerial…

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Forced RC Aircraft Registration

UAV Ground School

Forced RC Aircraft Registration: UAV Ground School is here to help UAV Expert’s Original Content by Cliff Whitney If you are even remotely connected to any media outlet then you have heard the news that our government has announced their intentions to force registration on your remotely controlled vehicles. During a press conference last week, the Department of Transportation (DOT)…

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