FAA Part 107 Continues To Grow

Part 107 Continues To GrowGold Seal UAV Ground School

Part 107 Continues To Grow

With over 15,000 registered, and “you pass or we pay motto”, the FAA-certificated flight instructors at UAV Ground School know part 107. More importantly, they know how to teach in a manner that makes learning fun and the information retainable. Far too many people go through the motions of getting their part 107, but don’t actually learn the material. Some learn just enough to pass the test but don’t grasp or really understand the material necessary in order to be safe.

FAA Speak Or What’s In A Word

Now that the FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot program is two years old, it’s time for the first crop of remote operators to take the sUAS Recurrent Knowledge TestUAVGS has once again stepped and is making the 107-recertification process easy. Each UAVGS student receives lifetime access to the program, and the content continues to grow. Each lesson that is on your recurrent test is now clearly marked making it easier to study specific topics, and questions, so users pass the exam more easily.

In addition, UAV Ground School added Night Lessons to get you up to speed on how to file a Daylight Waver, which is necessary to fly at night. Upon completion of the night modules, students will be given a certificate of completion signed by an FAA flight instructor, which will help with the waver progress.

Another free benefit is the business lessons. Each new lesson teaches you how to start up and run a successful UAV operation. It also includes Drone Pilot Central. Users can list their business and include web pages with photos and videos to showcase and promote your business.

Understanding Class E Airspace

Lifetime access, FAA flight instructors, Night lessons, Business lessons and more. Visit UAV Ground School and test out their program. View three lessons totally free, no credit card needed.

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