DJI Mavic Innovation Continues

DJI Mavic Innovation ContinuesOsitaLV via Twitter

DJI Mavic Innovation Continues

More photos have surfaced of what appears as a step towards a modular design of the popular DJI Mavic.

The Mavic is one of the most popular platforms in the DJI line up.  Stable, versatile and very easy to fly, this platform has a lot of possibilities and it looks like DJI is heading towards expanding this line (if these photos are real).

Last week, stories circulated regarding leaked photos of what appears to be a new ‘DJI Mavic 2’.  Now OsitaLV, from the Twitter world, has posted photos of what looks to be another version of the Mavic dubbed DJI Mavic Enterprise (see the arm).

DJI Mavic "Enterprise" DroneOsitaLV via Twitter
DJI Mavic “Enterprise” Drone

This new craft appears to be larger than the stock Mavic, sporting larger collision sensors, a larger camera that has cooling on the rear, and what looks like a more robust gimbal. This camera also looks different than the camera seen in the leaked Mavic 2 images.

Could these new copters have interchangeable cameras? This would be a game changer for sure.

These new photos look to allow additional sensors, components or payloads to be mounted on the top of the copter. If these photos are real, combined with leaked photos of what looks like a new handheld self-stabilized gimbal that would accept the new Mavic cameras DJI will have a real winner on their hands.

Note that DJI has canceled the “See the Bigger Picture” product announcement scheduled for 07/18 to deliver according to their standard of innovation.

While these are exciting times, please remember that new product deliveries generally happen 4 to 6 months after product announcements. UAV Expert News will stay close to this story. Whatever the newest products are, we will have the real news as it develops.

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