Drone Racing Teaches Suburban Kids What?

How drone racing teaches suburban kids about math, scienceBrian Hill | Staff Photographer | Daily Herald

How drone racing teaches suburban kids about math, science

The Daily Herald published an article discussing how the next generation of drone racers could be doing their homework right now.

Already gaining popularity among adults, the sport of racing small four-motored drones around obstacles and through gates is making its way to kids across the suburbs through a Palatine man’s league called Go Drone X.

Gregg Novosad is in his second year offering drone competitions to students who have worked during club meetings to learn to fly through a technology called FPV, or first-person view. The setup allows racers to view a screen or put on a pair of goggles and watch a live video feed from their drone, as if they’re onboard.

Novosad said his league aims to train students in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) skills needed to fix a common problem: broken drones.

“Keeping these drones flying is critical,” said Novosad, whose 16-year-old son, Brett, is involved in racing. “Kids aren’t necessarily good. They break these things … So that’s step 1 of STEM — how do you fix it?”

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Novosad has created a 15-hour curriculum for drone club coaches, including exercises to explain FPV flight and lessons on repair.

Each $250 kit he advises participants buy through a hobby shop or online supplier includes parts to help fix broken propellers or motors.

Finding supplies can be a bit tricky, but a few suburban shops are getting in on the business. Good Venture Drones in Hoffman Estates, Heli-Nation in Naperville and FPV Racing Hobbies all sell drone-related gear, although Heli-Nation is online only.

The second annual Scholastic Championship on April 21 at Quest Academy in Palatine featured competitors from the host school as well as Westgate Elementary in Arlington Heights, Palatine High School and New Trier High School in Winnetka. Continue reading about drones and STEM.

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