Drone Locates Missing Jackson Springs Girl

Drone Locates Missing Jackson Springs GirlPhotographs / Collage by The Pilot

Drone Locates Missing Jackson Springs Girl

The Pilot reports that the Moore County Sheriff’s Office used a drone to locate a missing girl Thursday in Jackson Springs.

Chief Deputy Frank Rodriguez says the drone was launched after Sheriff’s deputies had spent a couple of hours searching for the 11- year- old girl near her home on Flowers Road. According to the Sheriff’s Office, it took less than 15 minutes for the drone to pinpoint the girl’s infrared signature in the woods near N.C. 211, approximately 100 yards from her home.

Lt. Tim Davis, who was operating the drone, used his radio to guide Sheriff’s deputies to the blotch of heat in the woods. The deputies found the girl about 10:30 p.m. sleeping under a pile of tree limbs.

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Rodriguez said it was fortunate the deputies found her when they did. The temperature, he said, dropped to 30 degrees Thursday evening in Jackson Springs.

Sheriff Neil Godfrey says the agency would have previously been forced to use a helicopter and other resources to search for the missing child.

“This is a perfect example of why we invested in this drone capability” Godfrey said in a statement. “The Moore County Sheriff’s Office is doing everything we can to ensure that we are using technology to benefit the safety of our citizens as well as our deputies.”

The Sheriff’s Office purchased the drone, a dual-camera model that can be piloted remotely for about 4.4 miles, in February 2017. Continue reading about the missing person in Jackson Springs.

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