Meet The New Powerful Pan-Tilt Platform

Introducing The OPU-03, A Powerful Pan-Tilt Platform By UAVOSUAVOS

Introducing The OPU-03, A Powerful Pan-Tilt Platform By UAVOS

UAVOS INC. has introduced the OPU-03 support-rotary turret manipulator (pan-tilt platform) designed to accommodate observation or target tracker equipment. The pan-tilt platform is capable of handling equipment weighing up to 220 lb (100 kg). Depending on the type of payload OPU-03 can be used to accompany fast moving objects, monitoring mobile objects at long distances.

It is a two-axis turntable driven by the BLDC (direct drive) motors to accommodate the payload. The device includes a GNSS module and a magnetometer for synchronizing the device with automatic control systems.

The pan-tilt platform can be equipped with an optoelectronic system (OEC). In this configuration the device can be used for monitoring and precise guidance of various devices on the target, to capture and follow the target, to create a panoramic picture. The built-in computer allows applying algorithms of high-speed video processing with the function of target recognition and identification at distances up to 3.7 miles (6 km) for ground objects and 6.2–9.3 miles            (10–15 km) for airborne objects. The positioning accuracy is up to 0.35 mrad.

Technical capabilities of the tracking system, such as day or night mode operation, the target range, the size, speed and nature of the tracked objects are determined by the types of cameras and lenses used.

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The operation of the optoelectronic system is based on the simultaneous use of an infrared camera and video cameras of a visible narrow and wide range, UV cameras. The optoelectronic system works equally efficiently during the daylight, as well as at the nighttime. The system processes and mixes the output signals, and also generates a high-resolution digital video stream that carries information about the tracked object.

The pan-tilt platform can also be equipped with laser range finders, directional antennas, etc. This device is unique to its ability to be adapted to different types of payload.

Our pan-tilt platform can be used for automatic scanning of air and ground areas to search, identify and destroy unmanned platforms at special-purpose facilities such as, for example, airports. The software has been fully developed in-house; the thoroughly through design and our own manufacturing of complete solutions, both hardware and software, allows us to achieve good operational and technical characteristics of the equipment,” says Vadim Tarasov, UAVOS investor and Board member.

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