Home Inspectors Using UAVs To Increase Safety

Home Inspectors Using UAVs To Increase SafetyKennedy Home Inspection

Home Inspectors Using UAVs To Increase Safety

As a UAV operator, the home inspection business is a great place to make use of the UAV technology. 

As the owner of several rental properties, I know how important it is to have a quality home inspection prior to making an investment. If you are planning to make a purchase you want to find a home inspector that can provide you with the necessary details on your new home or investment and one who has the best tools to get the job done right and most importantly to do the job safely. 

I recently met Chris Kennedy the owner of Kennedy Home Inspections. Chris has a full arsenal of advanced tools to do his job and I have been impressed with what he has found in my pre-buy inspections and some of the other uses he has come up with for his UAV. 

Chris said, “In one recent inspection, the roof was too high for my ladders and just too steep to safely traverse it. On another job the home had a cedar shake roof and getting up on it would have caused damage to the delicate shakes. Before I purchased the Mavic Pro, my alternative method of inspection would have been binoculars but that is just not doing the best work for my clients and can leave areas hidden. Now that I have my FAA 107 and am legal to fly commercially, I was able to see all aspects of the roof as well as the upper windows and trim. In the picture, you can see I would have probably missed the wood rot on the trim surrounding the chimney.” 

As a home inspector, you are presented with many challenges both inside and outside of a property. It is important that while performing inspections you don’t do any damage to the roof or other property and this is where Chris uses his DJI Mavic to add that extra touch of quality. In order to do a proper roof inspection, you need to get on the roof but some are very high, steep and some are covered with materials whereas if you climbed up on them could do damage. The Mavic makes these inspections easy and also provides both the buyer and seller with the details necessary to protect and improve their property and investment.

Chris wanted to learn to fly the Mavic properly and legally prior to launching the UAV into his business. In order to fly the UAV “In the furtherance of a business”  prospective remote pilots need to pass the FAA Part 107 written test. Chris enrolled in the very well respected UAV Ground School  and said 

“I choose UAV Ground School at the recommendation of a friend and I saw that other high profile companies like Fox News many law enforcement and others in my business field had been using the program. I wanted to do it right and am very happy I went this route. The UAVGS program was very well presented and I completed the online program in 1.5 weeks, several hours at a time here and there. After completing the course, I spent another 3-4 hours reviewing sectional charts, weather reports and taking the online UAVGS practice tests. My final FAA test grade was 90 and I am really happy with what all I learned.  I have been getting great shots and this tool has really added value to my property inspections.”


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Cliff is the owner and founder of UAV, and More than 35 years of senior management experience in wholesale, retail, on-line and manufacturing with a proven record of leadership and success. Cliff consults heavily in the UAV industry and holds FAA private sailplane and single engine license as well as Remote pilot certificates. Previously, Cliff was the digital evangelist at Wolf Camera. A 24-year veteran of Wolf, serving in a number of sales, management and senior management positions as the company grew from 5 to over 700 stores. Cliff served as WolfCamera.coms President, as well as Sr. VP of Internet commerce and new technology development.