HAX and Airbus Seek Start-Ups

HAX and Airbus Seek Start-UpsAirbus

HAX and Airbus Seek Start-Ups For Flying Cars

HAX, the hardware startup investor, and accelerator, along with Airbus, is looking for start-ups to join a four-month accelerator program aimed to advance developments in urban air mobility, a.k.a. flying cars.

“Transportation in megacities needs fresh ideas to improve the way we live,” said Mathias Thomsen, urban air mobility general manager at Airbus, in a press statement. “We believe that adding the vertical dimension to urban mobility will improve the current congested megacity transport systems.”

Start-Ups Seeking

The accelerator is looking for startups developing technologies in:

•    Urban air transport vehicle technology
•    Aerial sense and avoid technology
•    Airport runway and landing detection systems
•    Emergency safety technology for airborne vehicles
•    Infrastructure for airborne transport vehicles
•    Autonomous airborne vehicle technology
•    Aerial maneuver decision making and support systems
•    Air traffic management systems
•    Aerial collision detection and avoidance systems
•    Battery packaging and management systems for airborne vehicles

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The selected startups will receive at least $100,000 in seed money, and spend four months in Shenzhen, China, turning their ideas into prototype with help from HAX and Airbus engineers.

All applications can be submitted here. As many as 10 companies will be selected.

Please stay tuned to UAV Expert News for more news and updates on the selection.

Source: IEEE Spectrum

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