Where Is My Drone Registration Fee Refund?

Where Is My Drone Registration Fee Refund?LANCE ULANOFF/MASHABLE

Hey FAA Where Is My Drone Registration Fee Refund?

“I asked for my drone registration fee back, but all I got is this stupid letter”


FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Prep Course
FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Prep Course

In his latest article, Lance Ulanoff of Mashable, brings up a good point on a topic that to be completely honest, we forgot about.

Where is my $5 drone registration fee refund? I’m a law-abiding citizen. So when the FAA decided in 2015 that all drone pilots flying drones weighing less than 55 pounds (but more than 9 ounces) had to register them, I signed up immediately and paid my $5 registration fee.

It was a simple online form and payment process, and I could print out fresh registration documents anytime I needed them.

I test a lot of different drones, often from DJI or Yuneec, and, until recently, I usually wrote down the registration number the FAA gave me on a sticky Post-It strip and then placed it inside the battery compartment for the drone I was flying on that day.

I was on board with drone registration because I’d seen how irresponsible some people were with drones, flying them near airports, national monuments, and people. If a drone hit the Statue of Liberty and the cops recovered it, I thought they should be able to ID the idiot who flew it there. I knew it would never be me.

Unfortunately, the FAA’s drone registration rule did not stand the test of time and, after being challenged by drone pilot John Taylor, was struck down in May by a U.S. Court of Appeals judge in Washington, D.C., who rightly noted that the regulation flew in the face of an Obama-era rule that stated the FAA “may not promulgate any rule or regulation regarding a model aircraft.” Continue reading about the $5 refund from the FAA.

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