Advanced Weather Service for Commercial Drone Market

Advanced Weather Service for Commercial Drone MarketEarth Networks

Advanced Weather Service for Commercial Drone Market

Earth Networks, the leading provider of weather intelligence solutions today announced Sferic DroneFlight. Sferic DroneFlight is a new advanced predictive weather offering specifically designed for rapidly growing commercial drone markets within the construction, insurance, oil and gas, agriculture, and public safety.

It addresses this challenge by delivering hyperlocal wind forecasts for any latitude and longitude in the world. The forecast is available at 10-meter altitude increments and hourly intervals for out to 6 days – enhancing commercial drone flight safety and efficiency across all three phases of drone operations: pre-flight planning, in-flight operations, and post-flight analysis.

This solution builds on Earth Networks long-standing partnership with Global Weather Corporation®(GWC), one of the world’s most accurate forecast providers, delivering unique benefits allowing commercial drone operators to:

  • Optimize drone mission timing
  • Maximize drone flight duration
  • Extend geo-fencing for severe weather
  • Assess weather conditions in nonconnected areas
  • Analyze the impact of weather 

In International markets where weather intelligence such as radar is often unavailable, Sferic DroneFlight complements Earth Networks Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts, a predictive convective storm algorithm powered by the company’s hyperlocal early warning networks of 10,000 weather sensors and 1,500 lightning sensors covering 90 countries. Drone operators around the world can utilize both solutions together to identify potential disruptive weather conditions such as high winds, hail, and precipitation.

The University of Maryland (UMD) Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Test Site, a leading research, and operations facility led by experts in military and civilian aviation, engineering, and project management, is serving as a testing facility for the new low-altitude wind forecast solution.

“We are thrilled to support the efforts of Earth Networks to bring advanced weather data to drone operations, as it reinforces our commitment to accelerating the safe, effective application of UAS technology,” said Anthony Pucciarella, Director of Operations at the UMD UAS Test Site.

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