Yuneec Commercial UAV Data Integrity

Yuneec Commercial UAV Data IntegrityYuneec APV

Yuneec Commercial UAV Data Integrity

Yuneec International, a world leader in consumer drones, aerial cameras, and electric aviation, released a new statement early this afternoon on the Commercial UAV Data Integrity. According to the email, the statement comes in response to recent questions regarding policy and implementation of data collection and sharing via Yuneec commercial UAV platforms.

Please refer to the statement below.

“Yuneec’s customers recognize the importance of keeping data and images secure. The Yuneec data ecosystem empowers users and organizations to control their data at all times. Yuneec commercial UAV do not share telemetry or visual data to internal or external parties.”

We understand that like Yuneec, you have a commitment to best-in-class customer service.  We will continue to communicate the information that you need to best serve your customers.

For more information on this, please visit the Yuneec website at:

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