The First Bionic Fish

Meet The First Bionic FishRoboSea

WORLD FIRST: Meet The First Bionic Fish

Most drones are taking to the skies, but the RoboSea BIKI is one of the first underwater remote control cameras we’ve seen. Join us as we talk to RoboSea to find out more.

It’s easy for drone makers to stick to tried and tested formulas, typically powering airborne drones with propellers, but BIKIoffers something completely different, turning to nature for inspiration and providing a mechanical package that looks and moves suspiciously like a fish.

RoboSea explains that BIKI is the “world’s first bionic underwater drone”, and like plenty of its airborne counterparts, it also packs in tech you may not expect to find in an underwater robot, including automated balance, obstacle avoidance, and return-to-base features. Add a 4K camera and BIKI makes it possible to explore and film a whole new underwater world.

Pointing out why BIKI could be one of the most useful drones yet, Amy Zhang, overseas marketing specialist at RoboSea, explains that it’s particularly important that we’re able to explore underwater:

“Sea areas account for three quarters of the earth’s surface. However, human’s insight on the ocean is not as profound as our understanding towards the land development. The sea areas that are perfect for diving are yet to be further explored. More mysterious underwater areas are going to be unveiled in the future, which means more underwater robots need to be developed for the use of ocean protection and exploration.”

That’s where BIKI comes in, and you don’t need to look much further than the design cues – such as the tail fin, or the mechanical movement that propels the robot – to see where the team got their inspiration. Continue reading about the BIKI.

Source: Red Bull

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