Take A Cross Country Canadian Drone Journey

Cross Country Canadian Drone JourneyExplorer150

Explorer150 Takes A Cross Country Canadian Drone Journey

Explorer150 is celebrating Canada’s 150th year in a big way, with Canada’s first cross country streamed drone journey.  The project is supported by two of Canada’s most trusted brands, Duracell and Maclean’s, and provides Canadianswitness a Canada they have never seen before.

This exploration is set to cover more than 11,000 km of Canada’s diverse terrain, documented and shared through streamed footage.  Going where no drone has gone before, Explorer150 will be bearing witness to Canada’s hidden gems. The journey begins in the most westerly community of Beavercreek, Yukon, ending in the most eastern tip of Canada in St. John’s, Newfoundland. The trip includes stops along the way in each province and territory.

The Explorer150 program also shares stories of everyday heroes who power the country. One feature editorial video was produced in each province and territory and will be featured online as the drone crosses near the hometowns of the feature stories.


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Duracell is setting a benchmark for safe drone travel and use in Canada by working closely with Transport Canada and InDro Robotics. This combined team has played an integral role in ensuring each aspect of the trip has been carefully planned including the approvals of drone pilots, drones, route, and transport.

“Working with drones is challenging since they are such a new innovation,” explains Peter Gorzkowski, Director of Marketing and Commercial Operations at Duracell Canada. “Duracell is proud to take a leadership role in this space, and in doing so, bring Canada to Canadians. We are thrilled that Duracell, Canada’s most trusted battery brand, will be powering this journey.”

In addition to the online portal, footage can also be viewed on Rogers Channel 100 on-demand starting mid-August.

Canadians who want to support the journey can help drive awareness by sharing content, telling their neighbors and friends, and if they see the drone journey in their community to come out and meet the team.

Follow Explorer150 at, by using the #explorer150.

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