3DR Adds New Elevation Viewers

3DR Adds New Elevation Viewers3DR

3DR Adds New Elevation Viewers In Site Scan

3D Robotics made headlines early this month with the announcement of the upcoming integration with DJI drones, and the launch of the Enterprise Atlas platform. Yesterday, the company announced another set of new features to Site Scan Manager.

New Elevation Viewers

According to the email, 3DR has added three new ways to visualize your elevation data. The three new elevation viewers are Elevation Models, Hillshades, and Cut and Fill Maps.

The purpose of the new elevation viewers is to help you get actionable, detailed information about your job site.

Elevation Model:

With this model, you can turn your elevation data into a heatmap in order to quickly understand and verify elevation across your site. This is crucial, for example, when you need to know which way drainage water will flow and what areas of your site will require the most grading. You can adjust the altitude ranges to view the area of concern, and change the opacity as well.


Do you need to clearly identify the 3D objects in your orthomosaic? The hillshade viewer makes it easy, providing a grayscale 3D image of your jobsite, with the position of the sun taken into account to ensure proper shading.

Cut and Fill Map:

In addition to cut and fill calculations, now you can easily set your desired grading elevation and then view a high-resolution cut and fill map to know exactly how much work needs to be done.

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