The Ultimate Flight Check And Planning Tool

The Ultimate Flight Check And Planning ToolFaulkner Labs

Drone Start Is The Ultimate Flight Check And Planning Tool

Drones are expensive and can be complicated to fly, and a good deal of drone ‘fly aways’ are caused by human error. Most drone users are unaware how things such as weather conditions, solar storms, and surrounding terrain. These factors can greatly affect their flight. There is a new app, launching this month, that’s about to change all of that. Drone Start aims to make it as simple as possible to check whether it’s safe to fly before they take off.

Drone Start is absolutely crammed full of features to make sure every drone user can fly with confidence. The App is made up of two distinct parts, Start Checks and Flight Plans.

Start Checks are performed when you arrive at a location and you want to fly your drone. Drone Start will then perform a series of checks based on your DJI drone model and calculate if it’s safe to fly or not. The checks include Weather, GPS, Airspace, Terrain, Drone Laws, and Light Levels.

If your drone is connected and turned on it will also check your drones Battery Health, Sensor Health and if your drones Return To Home height is set high enough based on surrounding terrain. Once the start checks are done the user will be presented with all the data, plus they have access to a map view showing animated wind direction and speed, no fly zones, terrain elevation and a photographer’s ephemeris to show where the sun will rise and set. Start Checks can also be performed on the Apple Watch.

Flight Plans

Flight Plans assist in planning flights in advance. You simply type in a location and Drone Start will gather all the necessary data. Each flight plan shows the best time to fly for each day, with an animated graph displaying the flying conditions throughout the day. The users also has access to hourly weather for up to 7 days in advance, estimated GPS lock in that area, KP Index forecasts and no fly zones in the area. Users can pull down on the main flight plan view and it will show the map an interactive map & weekly summary for that location. The map allows users to view no fly zones, terrain elevation, photographer’s ephemeris, animated wind map & plan a flight route.

Users can plan a flight route by placing a series of waypoints along their proposed route, Drone Start will then calculate the length of the route, the elevation change along the route, number of no fly zones they enter and the remaining battery life of the drone all calculated based on the users DJI drone model. The weekly summary for the location will show the user the best time to fly that week, terrain elevation information, and GPS satellite information. Also included are the amount of daylight and golden hour times, no fly zones, area advisories and current drone laws.


The free app is available in late July and has subscription options, giving users access to advanced features. Advanced membership is 1.99 a month and Professional membership is 2.99 a month. Users can subscribe yearly with a discount of $19.99 for Adv and $29.99 for Pro.

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