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Meet The Thor Hybrid UAV

It Hovers Like A Helicopter And Flies Likes A Plane

Conventional multicopter drones are excellent at hovering and VTOL, but they can’t cover long distances as efficiently as fixed-wing aircraft. A team of students from the Singapore University of Technology and Design is trying to get the best of both worlds with the Transformable HOvering Rotorcraft (THOR).

According to the design team, the THOR is based on a concept raised in 1913. Called the monocopter, it was “structurally efficient” – the whole frame is used to generate lift – but “strategically inefficient.” The lack of counter-rotational systems meant the pilot and cargo would have needed to spin with the rest of the aircraft, making it impractical to actually ride in.

The Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) isn’t alone in trying to revive the monocopter. Lockheed Martin and MIT have both created monocopter-style concepts that have their roots in nature and were designed to explore how the idea could improve current UAVs.

The THOR prototype in hover mode
The THOR prototype in hover mode

According to the team, the design of THOR improves on the basic monocopter design in a few new ways. The first involved a second wing – and yes, that means it isn’t a monocopter anymore. Lockheed Martin’s design only used one wing, but the SUTD team have fitted two wings that protrude from the center of the UAV. Continue reading about the Thor UAV.

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