ALPHA 800 UAV Flight Tests at ATLAS

ALPHA 800 UAV Flight TestsAlpha Unmanned Systems

ALPHA 800 UAV Flight Tests

Alpha Unmanned Systems Collaborates With Sky Sapience and Sightec At ATLAS Flight Test Center

In a recent post on UAS Weekly, it appears that three industry leaders, Alpha Unmanned Systems, Sky Sapience and Sightec, are teamed up on a new project. They have been working together in the advanced ATLAS Flight Test Center to stabilized without gimbal and only with software a real-time video with extraordinary precision.

Vibrations make video imagery hard to analyze. A bit of shakiness on the ground is one thing, yet the same shakiness at 1,100 meters is another thing altogether. Real-time imagery is of little use to detect objects on the ground if the picture quality is poor. Fortunately, Alpha Unmanned Systems, Sky Sapience and Sightec have stabilized real-time video. Imagery captured at the ATLAS Flight Test Center in Jaen, Spain, using an ALPHA 800 UAV helicopter at 1,100 meters above ground level, reveals the rolling hills of Andalucia like never before.

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Over the course of multiple test flights conducted during two full days, the Sightec camera (without its gimbal and only with software) followed a pre-defined flight path far beyond the line of site (BVLOS).  At 1,081 meters AGL, the camera and software stabilized the imagery in real-time and relayed this data to the ground control station and to the Visionair application.

Using the Ground Control Station, Alpha pilots defined the flight path, hover times and altitudes. Both pilots (an internal and an external) prepped the Alpha 800 for flight; one checking the mechanical features of the helicopter and the other checking the instrumentation. Once prepped and with the engine running, the Alpha 800 took off automatically. Continue reading about the new UAV.

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