New AirDog II Follow Me Drone

New AirDog II Follow Me DroneAOL

AirDog Releases The New AirDog II Follow Me Drone

The new drone doubles down on action sports

In 2015, the big innovation in drones was “follow-me” mode. It wasn’t new, but the technology was finally good enough for it to become a leading feature in quadcopters. A few did just that, most notably AirDog, Lily, 3DR, DJI and Hexo+. In 2017, Lily is bust, 3DR had to pivot to enterprise and Hexo+ has been “out of stock” on its website for months. DJI was already the biggest player in the game back then. The small, indie team at AirDog, on the other hand, is alive and well, and back with a new drone — the ADII — which takes the follow-me feature to (literal) new heights.

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If you think the drone in the picture above looks remarkably familiar, that’s because the design itself is nearly identical to the original. Though there is one clear difference: the color. Out is the “it’ll grow on you” mustard yellow, and in is a new, cleaner off-white (the purple arms remain). Most of what’s new is found under the hood or in the app.

If you popped the lid off an ADII, you’d fine a gyroscope magnetometer, barometric air-pressure sensor, accelerometer and GPS. All of these sensors are what ADII uses to stay locked on its target (that’s you, BTW) up to a distance of 500 feet. Most of these things were in the original, as was the Lidar sensor to prevent it from smacking into the ground if you’re bombing downhill. So what is new? Continue reading about the new ‘follow me’ drone.

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