Drobotron The First ‘Drone Billboard’

Meet The First Digital 'Drone Billboard' Drobotron Click Orlando

Drobotron, The First Digital ‘Drone Billboard’

As cars cruised past the Parc Corniche Hotel this week, passengers may have noticed a first-of-its-kind sight hovering high above the International Drive resort.

A 360- degree LED video screen mounted on a drone displayed videos of the hotel, as well as advertisements promoting pizza and $5 margaritas at the resort’s restaurant.

“Our patent revolves around a flying TV,” said Drobotron inventor Bobby Watts. “The first time I saw it fly I thought, ‘Wow, this is a game- changer.'”

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Watts, who has built and flown model aircraft for years, was inspired to create Drobotron by watching spectators’ reactions to drones buzzing by.

“No matter where I go and fly a drone, everyone looks up at it. We’ve even been to the Cape filming rockets, and people will turn around from the rocket and look at our drones,” Watts told News 6. “As so I just figured, why not capitalize? Why not put your advertising, put your content on the drone itself?”

Watts, who is licensed by the Federal Aviation Administration to fly drones commercially, attached a 40-by-10-inch video display to an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Video clips, still photos and text can be uploaded to Drobotron before the radio- controlled aircraft takes flight.

To ensure safety, the 30- pound drone cannot be flown over people. But Drobotron’s video screens can easily be seen as it flies a safe distance from crowds.

“Even on a bright sunny Florida day, you can see the screen for hundreds of feet,” Watts said.Continue reading about the first drone billboard.

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