Successful International Flight Demo

VStar Systems Announces Successful International Flight Demo sUAS News

VStar Systems Announces Successful International Flight Demo of MA-C2E/Lite SIGINT Sensor onboard Martin UAV’s V-Bat VStar Systems and Martin UAV jointly announced the successful completion of an overseas demonstration of the new COMINT capabilities onboard the Martin UAV V-Bat aircraft. VStar Systems, a privately held aerospace and defense systems company, was invited to travel overseas to demonstrate the capabilities of its modular Signal Intelligence Sensor, MA-C2E/Lite. The…

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New FlightHorizon UAS Services

New FlightHorizon Products and Services AnnouncedVigilant Aerospace

New FlightHorizon Products and Services Announced Vigilant Aerospace, a provider of next-generation flight management and safety systems for both manned and unmanned aircraft, has announced its latest line of products and services. Products The new list of FlightHorizon™ products includes detect-and-avoid options for both ground-based and on-board. FlightHorizon GCS™ – Uses an aviation transponder and, when available, ground-based radar, attached to a laptop…

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NASA Tech Kills Trespassing Drones

NASA Tech Kills Trespassing DronesNASA AMES

New NASA Tech Kills Trespassing Drones Without Even Touching Them Wired released an article discussing an intense new piece of technology from NASA. In the most nightmarish drone scenarios, one of the little whirlybirds flies into an airliner, or wanders into military airspace, or swoops down on the White House. At best, such things are mild annoyances. At worst, they pose a…

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Sentera Releases New Quad Sensor

Sentera Releases New Quad SensorSentera

Sentera Releases New Quad Sensor for Precision Agriculture Sentera, a leading supplier of complete data solutions to the agriculture industry, is growing its high precision product line with its latest release of the Quad Sensor. The Quad Sensor featurs four fully customizable imagers, which is ideal for precision agriculture. In its standard configuration, the sensor offers standard Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI), Green…

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FAA Engages Young Adults

FAA Engages Young Adults With DronesCourtesy photo.

FAA Engages Young Adults With Drones A senior official on the FAA team handling drone regulation and authorizations has lined up veteran flight instructors from a Connecticut flight school to help create the agency’s first Aviation Career Education Academy that’s all about drones. Aviation Safety Inspector Marilyn Pearson hopes the weeklong program will become a model for similar programs across…

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