WWE and Allianz Invest In Drones

WWE and Allianz Invest In DronesDrone Racing League

WWE and Allianz Invest In Drones

Companies Lead $20 Million Investment, Can DRL’s second season’s success match its second round of investing?

Flying Magazine was one of the first to report about the latest investments Drone Racing League has received. According to their latest post, existing partners Sky, Liberty Media Corp. (owner of Formula 1) and Lux Capital have led the way in a lucrative $20 million second round of investing for DRL. Existing partners Hearst Ventures, RSE Ventures, Lerer Hippeau Ventures, and Courtside Ventures also joined in the round.

But the second round also included two new investors eager to enter the world of drone racing and get in on the action. While these companies wouldn’t be the first ones you’d think would participate, they are all in and have taken the lead in investments. So who are they?

The first is the Global Title Sponsor of the race circuit, Allianz. Allianz SE is a German financial services company, with insurance and asset management as its core business. The second is none other than World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).  For those who don’t know is an American entertainment company that deals primarily in professional wrestling.

These investments could help secure the future of drone racing, making it the next big spectator sporting event.

“We’re incredibly proud to announce new partners and investors aligning with DRL to solidify drone racing as the sport of the future,” said Nicholas Horbaczewski, CEO and Founder of DRL, in a press release. “Over the past 18 months, we’ve committed to building a technology company that can capture the imagination of new sports fans around the world. The support we have from some of the most respected brands and investors is helping us rapidly realize that vision.”

For more info on DRL, please visit the DRL Website

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