The Voliro A Hexacopter Drone With A Twist

Hexacopter Drone With A TwistVoliro

Meet The Voliro – A Hexacopter Drone With A Twist

Tilt-rotor hexacopter puts a new twist on drone orientation

The team from Voliro put a serious twist on their new hexacopter concept drone. We first learned about Voliro’s concept hexacopter the concept on New Atlas, and the prototype is so crazy, we had to learn more.

According to the website, the concept began with 11 “highly motivated” students from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH Zürich) and Zurich University of the Arts (ZHDK). Of the 11 students, 8 mechanical and 1 electrical engineering students are from ETH, and 2 industrial design students from ZHDK. All of the students are in their final year of their bachelor studies and the concept was part of their student project.

Their aim was to design a tiltable Hexacopter from scratch, and only took only 9 months to develop, assemble and program.

The ETH Zurich team and their Voliro hexacopter prototypeVoliro
The ETH Zurich team and their Voliro hexacopter prototype

The Hexacopter

The omnidirectional hexacopter consists of 6 individually tiltable axes capable of tilting 360 degrees. This allows for a staggering 12 degrees of freedom in the air. But what does that mean? It means that it can maintain manage a stable hover flying in any direction. It’s insane and is making the once impossible flight maneuvers a thing of the past. It also features low weight, short setup, and long flight times (not yet released).

While its acrobatic capabilities are unlimited, the team is focused on its ability to hug walls. That type of ability could prove to be a huge advantage for infrastructure and inspection jobs.

Check it out for yourself and be sure to leave a comment below!

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