Performing Mission Impossibles with Drones

Performing Mission Impossibles with Drones in EuropeCommercial UAV News

Performing Mission Impossibles with Drones in Europe

In anticipation of Commercial UAV Europe, we’re exploring the kind of people, companies, and technologies that will be highlighted at the event. A-techSYN takes a prominent spot on this list since they’re on pace to become a critical resource for anyone who has a UAV project or has R&D/applications/development needs.

The name A-techSYN stands for “Advanced Technologies with SYNERGY”, and it speaks to the value the company places on working with their customers, service providers and plenty others that are involved in the creation and development of these systems. Being able to connect so many different people is a concept the company is focused on, especially as these markets and systems are coming together in regard to drone technology. They’re a company that believes all shareholders have to work together and put their efforts into developing solutions to real-world problems as quickly as possible, seizing the opportunities.

In honor of the company’s presence at the Expo, they are offering attendees who stop by their booth a special a one-time discount. We connected the CEO of A-techSYN, Gokhan Celik, to learn more about that offer, but also about what the company has to offer commercial drones users of all types and sizes. Find out what makes the A-techSYN suite of products different, how their customers are utilizing these opportunities, what they’re looking forward to seeing at the Expo and plenty more. Continue reading about drones performing in Europe.

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