Memery Announces The Dragonfly App

Memery Announces The Dragonfly AppMemery

Memery Announces The Dragonfly App

A Free Mobile App That Takes the Headache Out of Drone Video

MEMERY, the global leader in location-based video apps, made two exciting announcements. The first is that the company has added DJI executive and drone technology expert, Darren Liccardo, to its advisory board. The second will appeal to anyone who loves drone videos. The company announced the launch of Dragonfly, the world’s first complete solution for drone video.

The advent of affordable, gesture-controlled drones has exploded the consumer drone community into the millions, but management and enjoyment of drone video remains out of reach to the average person. Point solutions such as mobile editing apps, storage appliances, and cloud-based file syncing services create a disjointed, frustrating and expensive experience. Dragonfly is the first and only app that provides a complete solution that can be used by everyone.

Dragonfly transfers video from a drone to a phone immediately after its flight without the need to remove the memory card.  The phone then transfers this video to the cloud in the background the next time it connects to WiFi.

Key Features

  • Automatic organization of video on the map and in filtered galleries
  • Engaging emotion reactions to highlight important moments with no editing
  • Automatic video mixes easily shared to social media, text, or saved to the phone
  • Permanent video backup and disaster recovery
  • Transcoding of video for mobile viewing and sharing
  • Original high resolution files available for editing or streaming to a television
  • A web based uploader for rapid transfer of existing collections to the Dragonfly cloud

“With the introduction of industry leading products like the DJI Spark, cutting edge drone technology is now available to the rest of us,” said Chris Morace, co-founder and CEO of Memery.  “This has created a tremendous demand for a simple way to easily organize and enjoy drone video. Dragonfly offers a gorgeous experience and unprecedented ease of use—if you know how to plug in your phone and launch an app then you’re ready to go.”

Concurrent with the release of Dragonfly, Memery has added former DJI executive and co-founder of DJI’s Silicon Valley office, Darren Liccardo to its advisory board. Prior to that, he was at Tesla Motors, where he was the electric car company’s director of autopilot engineering. As the location-based video is being created by an increasing number of devices beyond the phone, Darren will use his deep background in sensors and robotics to guide Memery’s strategy to make the enjoyment of this video simple.

“Memery has clearly seen a future where we have many devices that are capturing our lives in new and innovative ways. I’m excited to help them in their mission to make the organization and enjoyment of video easy for everyone,” Liccardo said.

Available now on the App Store the launch kicks off Try Dragonfly in July. For the next month, Dragonfly has special pricing that allows new users to lock in up to 50% off the cost of premium backup and storage packages, sweepstakes to win a new DJI Spark, and video contests for prizes including a DJI Mavic Pro, DJI Goggles, and terabytes of free storage.

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