Radiation Monitoring via UAV

Radiation Monitoring via UAVBNC Scientific

Radiation Monitoring via UAV

Meet The Phoenix ACE RAD

Drones are constantly in the news, with uses for these systems expanding every day. The latest use involves monitoring radiation. BNC Scientific, a division of Berkeley Nucleonics Corp., is the first to offer this type of system. The Phoenix ACE RAD is a UAV Radiation Detection Solution, complementing the company’s family of nuclear detection technology.

Thanks to this technology, first responders are able to safely assess and evaluate hazardous situations. UAV’s equipped with nuclear radiation detectors are a valuable tool in a complete radiation detection and incident mitigation program.

“Radiation Detection UAV’s have amazing potential to support hazmat agencies and provide critical information on plume direction, contamination levels, and potential risks”.

The Phoenix ACE RAD is ideal for mapping, and surveying as well as for building and structural inspections. This system provides low-cost surveys while reaching difficult places, and keeping operators at a safe distance from gamma sources.

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The Phoenix ACE RAD weighs less than seven pounds and offers an hour of flight time. With a sensitivity specification of 1.93 cps / μR / hr, the CsI detector ensures both fast and efficient response. The high-resolution camera offers clear viewing capability, while the IP65 rating ensures the unit will operate in fog, light rain or dry, sandy conditions. Future features to include neutron detection, gamma spectroscopy capabilities and waypoint support.

“To complement our RIIDs, PRDs, and isotope identification backpacks, we are integrating the Phoenix ACE RAD,” comments Allan Gonzalez, Detection Systems Product Manager.

The Phoenix ACE RAD is available as part of an equipment bundle or as a single unit sale.

For more information, please contact us at 800-234-7858.

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