Are You In The DJI Circle?

Are You In The DJI Circle?DJI

Are You In The DJI Circle?

DJI Comes Full Circle With New Customer Service Care Plan

DJI has taken the drone industry by storm with their impressive and extensive line of drones. Now the company wants to take on customer service. In true DJI fashion, it can’t be average customer service. No, it has to be exceptional and it has to be exclusive.

Introducing the DJI Circle. DJI Circle is a VIP customer support program, ensuring users have a pleasant flight experience whenever they need it.

Features of this service include getting order-prioritization for your DJI Online Store purchases, allowing you to get your hands on the latest DJI technology before anyone else. A personal concierge for a tailored experience, exclusive networking opportunities, and even invitations to attend DJI’s highly anticipated product launches.

Have up to five DJI products covered during a twelve-month validity period, with $15,000 worth of repair services, along with battery rentals and device backup options. The service also offers global perks, giving users VIP lounge access in 500 airports worldwide, air travel coverage, and access to the Global SOS Plan.

This service does not come cheap and is not ideal for the average user. It’s ideally for professionals what multiple systems who are willing to pay for premium customer service, $4,699 to be specific. We recommend that average users or those looking for a cheaper option check out the DJI Care Refresh.

From time spent at the airport before take-off to ad-hoc battery rentals and aircraft repair needs, DJI Circle offers you a world-class service like no other. Those interesting in “being in the DJI Circle” can do so by sending a message to

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