Radiation Monitoring via UAV

Radiation Monitoring via UAVBNC Scientific

Radiation Monitoring via UAV Meet The Phoenix ACE RAD Drones are constantly in the news, with uses for these systems expanding every day. The latest use involves monitoring radiation. BNC Scientific, a division of Berkeley Nucleonics Corp., is the first to offer this type of system. The Phoenix ACE RAD is a UAV Radiation Detection Solution, complementing the company’s family of nuclear detection technology. Thanks to this…

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New Endurance Hybrid VTOL UAS

New Endurance Hybrid VTOL UASRaptorUAS

New Endurance Hybrid VTOL UAS RaptorUAS, a developer of high-performance unmanned aerial systems (UAS), has announced that it has completed tests for the conversion of their high-performance Raptor E1 UAS to a hybrid VTOL fixed wing platform: the Raptor EV. The ultra lightweight Raptor EV UAS has achieved five-hour endurance at 16.5 m/s in an all-electric platform, with total combined payload…

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Drone Carrying Defibrillator Saves Lives

Drone Carrying Defibrillator Saves LivesThe Guardian

Drone Carrying Defibrillator Saves Lives, Research Suggests Drones were 16 minutes faster than the emergency services, increasing the chance of survival for people who suffer cardiac arrest, study shows Drones are already employed for anything from military to recreational use, from oil exploration to filmmaking, but they could also help save the lives of people who have suffered a cardiac…

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The Voliro A Hexacopter Drone With A Twist

Hexacopter Drone With A TwistVoliro

Meet The Voliro – A Hexacopter Drone With A Twist Tilt-rotor hexacopter puts a new twist on drone orientation The team from Voliro put a serious twist on their new hexacopter concept drone. We first learned about Voliro’s concept hexacopter the concept on New Atlas, and the prototype is so crazy, we had to learn more. According to the website, the concept began with 11…

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Fuel Cell System To Power Commercial UAVs

Ballard's Protonex Subsidiary Receives First Order For Fuel Cell System To Power Commercial UAVsBallard Power Systems Inc.

Ballard’s Protonex Subsidiary Receives First Order For Fuel Cell System To Power Commercial UAVs Ballard Power Systems today announced that the company’s subsidiary, Protonex, has received an initial order for its fuel cell propulsion system, together with design services, from FlyH2 Aerospace, a South African-based developer of hydrogen fuel cell powered unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) for commercial applications. For competitive reasons,…

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