What Happens When Life Brings You A Karma

What Happens When Life Brings You A KarmaJan Richardson

What Happens When Life Brings You A Karma, You take it out and fly

My first successful attempt at flying a drone

I have been around the RC hobby for 17 years. I married into it. My husband has been flying, driving, sailing, remote controlled vehicles for 30+ years. While I have spent many hours at the field watching, I have shied away from taking the controller. My first actual attempt was about 12 years ago, and it was brief. I enjoyed the “loop-de-loops” but was chastised for not flying the aircraft straight. I hung up my hand-painted combat foam chicken (warbird), and haven’t flown since, until Sunday.

The Big Day

The view from my GoPro Karma DroneJan Richardson
The view from my GoPro Karma Drone

For our 15th wedding anniversary, my thoughtful husband decided he did not want the smart watch I had chosen for him. Instead, we (as a unit), should pool our gift money and purchase a GoPro Karma drone. I am a photography nerd, so I agreed. The gimbal stick and the quality of the Hero 5 were an easy sell for me, add-on a few hundred dollars and you get a drone too! Ah, the world of aerial photography! A great new point of view for my photography hobby.

We took our new purchase home and let it rest on the dining room table. After a few days, we finally unboxed the Karma. We charged the battery and updated the drone, camera, and gimbal stick. Another week had passed before we decided to take it for a spin. With perfect weather, we headed to our local AMA sanctioned airfield, where it finally happened.

My husband flew the Karma first.  Then he flew his birthday present, an E-flite Valiant, leaving me alone with the Karma.

Since I ‘work’ at Atlanta Hobby/ UAV Experts, I have the privilege to listen in on some of the drone training classes we offer. I know that if I get confused, the first thing I need to do is take my thumbs off of the controls and allow the drone to hover in place. Knowing the basics gave me the confidence to press the take off button, and there she went! In my limited opinion, this drone is brilliant!

After 3 flights, the Karma told me upon landing that it did not have enough power to take off again.  It was easy to use the GoPro camera, even though it had been a few weeks since I glanced at the instructions. I was able to record a video and tilt the camera, simple but addicting stuff. It was an interesting challenge to film my husband’s Valiant as it danced through the air.

My Final Thoughts

After I landed it and reported that everything went wonderfully, we decided to do a little house hunting. We found a lovely home with colors that are just perfect. I put the Hero5 on the handheld gimbal and videoed the interior of the home for future reference. The gimbal system, whether on the drone or the stick device, is smooth as glass. What a great system! I am addicted.

Our Karma is back in its place of honor, the dining room table, charging. I cannot wait to video the dog and the little one playing in the yard.  While I haven’t even begun to tap into the follow me and other various modes it has, I am excited to attempt them during our summer lake trip. I cannot wait to get footage of my family flying through the air as they get thrown from a tube! Stay tuned for that footage!

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Jan has a passion for photography that began in high school. She's a 'dog' person who loves technology and VW’s.
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