Parrot Launches Parrot Professional Solutions

Parrot Launches Parrot Professional SolutionsParrot

Parrot Launches Parrot Professional Solutions

Their commercial drone offer with end-to-end solutions dedicated to small & medium business

Parrot, an advanced technology company covering the entire drone ecosystem, announces the extension of their commercial offer. The company has identified commercial activities where drones prove to be more efficient, resulting in higher performance and more revenue. Parrot Professional Solutions are reliable and affordable “end-to-end” tools dedicated to both small and medium business.

This first set of entry-level end-to-end professional UAV solutions highlights Parrot‘s commitment to the civil commercial drones market. With an extensive range covering consumer, commercial, and now prosumer systems, Parrot reaffirms its ambition to lead the market.

Industry + Uses

 The largest business sector with the most potential for drone usage is agricultureUAVs enable to better manage production and yields. Drones, sensors and analytics software make it possible to map a large area, in a short amount of time. The technology also ensures that the data collected is relevant data at the precision of the micro-parcel. The Parrot Disco-Pro AG offers both farmers and small agricultural cooperatives a quick and easy solution for obtaining reliable information.

Construction and real estate and two other important sectors that benefit from the use of drones. UAVs make it possible to survey, monitor and reach hard to access areas through photos, videos and generating 3D models.

Parrot has developed two “end-to-end” solutions Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal and Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling. Parrot Bebop-Pro Thermal, is a thermal imaging solution that enables inspection and thermal detection companies to get thermal and radiometry information, live and/or in pictures. This option is ideal for roofers, plumbers, building workers, and firefighters. Parrot Bebop-Pro 3D Modeling is targeted towards professionals and enables them to easily create promotional videos or interactive 3D models, to build quotes of a building, to supervise a worksite and to print 3D models. This option is ideal for real-estate agents, architects, craftsmen, property insurance brokers and more. 

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