10 DJI Goggles Facts

10 DJI Goggles FactsWe Talk UAV

10 DJI Goggles Facts That You Didn’t Know Until Now While the DJI Goggles were officially released back in September of 2016, it wasn’t until the end of April that we actually learned about the features. The Goggles combine a pair of large high-quality screens, with long-range and low-latency wireless connectivity. They raise the FPV goggles bar, giving users direct control of photo…

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Drones in Precision Agriculture

What is the future of drones in precision agriculture?InterDrone

What is the future of drones in precision agriculture? 5 Valuable Lessons Learned About Drones in Precision Agriculture Earlier this week we shared a report and video from Skylogic Research discussing the future of drones in mining and aggregates. Today we are sharing their thought on drones in precision agriculture. The team from Skylogic Research discuss how to gather the necessary strategies to…

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