UAV Experts Expands Training Operations

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UAV Experts Expands Training Operations

UAV Experts, along with sister companies Atlanta Hobby and Gold Seal UAV Ground School, announced that they have expanded their UAV Training offerings. 

Cliff Whitney, CEO of UAV Experts, said “We have continued to expand our curriculum and are now offering up to four, one, two and three day classes per month to accommodate the growing request from our clients. The reason we are expanding is that we are considered a sole source full circle supplier. As a full circle supplier we deliver factory direct  UAV equipment, handle fleet management for larger corporations, and offer hands-on flight training as well as FAA Part 107 test prep for commercial operations. One source, one call when you are starting out, need technical help, FAA certification or just have a question.”

UAV Expert’s hands-on training begins with a 1/2 day of classroom instruction in their 12,000 Sq Ft shop and classroom. The classroom work consists of discussions and multimedia presentations on UAV history, safety, regulations, airspace, equipment and software overviews. 

Whitney went on to say, “We limit our class size to 12-15 students to afford students the most hands-on flight time with their instructor. We furnish all of the equipment and have a fantastic 70 acre fully controlled flight facility so we can show real world flight ops for many different environments.” 

You don’t have to have a drone, UAV Experts provides all of the equipment. The staff uses the DJI Inspire 1 and 2 class aircraft, along with the Phantom and Mavic lines. This gives students the ability to pilot and experience all different types of UAV aircraft.

Whitney says “On the field, students are taught how to pilot the aircraft smoothly and precisely, exercising good judgment and practice proper crew resource management and communication techniques. We teach how to operate in a team, high pressure, and public atmosphere as well as to how to get the shot in a safe and efficient manner.”

Monthly classes are open to the public, but require reservations as much as a month out. Many corporations such as Fox News, CBS, CoStar as well as real estate, roofing, police, fire and emergency management organizations rely on UAV Experts for private training for their specific industries.

James Moore, flight instructor stated “We have clients flying for fun and they want to be comfortable and confident flying with their equipment,” Moore said. “Most however want to operate commercially, which requires proper education. Pilots also need to pass the FAA Part 107 written test. We offer FAA Part 107 test preparation via Gold Seal UAV Ground School.

Gold Seal has been providing FAA test prep for over 10 years, with 10,000+ student registrations. Students absorb information at different rates, making our online Part 107 program better than an in-person program. The program is administered online, allowing students to learn at their own pace. The program consists of four modules, with over 30 interactive multimedia lessons. It comes complete with printable support materials, a management interface for larger corporations, and an extensive testing module. We have a 100% pass guarantee at Gold Seal and our instructors are actual FAA certified flight instructors.

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The only thing better than getting your hands on the latest UAV equipment is learning how to fly with an expert. UAV Expert programs offer extensive hands-on flight training with ample classroom time, giving students a better understanding of the various flight, software, and hardware systems.

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Cliff is the owner and founder of UAV, and More than 35 years of senior management experience in wholesale, retail, on-line and manufacturing with a proven record of leadership and success. Cliff consults heavily in the UAV industry and holds FAA private sailplane and single engine license as well as Remote pilot certificates. Previously, Cliff was the digital evangelist at Wolf Camera. A 24-year veteran of Wolf, serving in a number of sales, management and senior management positions as the company grew from 5 to over 700 stores. Cliff served as WolfCamera.coms President, as well as Sr. VP of Internet commerce and new technology development.

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  1. Mark

    Great story, I did their 2 day program a month ago (March) and was blown away by the facility and how much I got to fly. Great folks, learned a lot and a really good time.

    1. Press

      Thank you so much for the positive feedback! We appreciate it and we’re glad you enjoyed the class!

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