FAA Digitizes Drone Limits

FAA Digitizes Drone LimitsGoogle Earth

FAA Digitizes Drone Limits And Launches Updates

The FAA announced April 7 that it will soon prohibit drone flights over 133 military facilities nationwide, followed days later by word that drones may eventually get faster access to other airspace.

The agency on April 10 said maps used by staff to make decisions on Part 107 airspace authorization and waiver requests will be made public to help pilots create requests more likely to win approval and speed response in a process that can require months to complete.

The announcement of the new prohibition against flying drones, both hobby and commercial, over military bases came two months after The Washington Post reported on surging interest by Islamic State terrorists in modifying small, readily available consumer drones to deliver grenades, and possibly larger explosive payloads. It remains unclear to what degree these efforts have succeeded, and some videos posted online purporting to show the destruction of Iraqi military vehicles may have been altered, but national security experts are concerned that they could motivate others to use modern drone technology against civilians as well as military targets.

None of this was mentioned in so many words by the FAA, which cited its authority under existing regulations to impose the new airspace restrictions against overflight of military bases “to address national security concerns about unauthorized drone operations over 133 military facilities.” Continue reading about the new updates.

(Source: Jim Moore via AOPA)

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