Collegiate Drone Racing National Championship

Collegiate Drone Racing National Championship coming to PurduePurdue

Collegiate Drone Racing National Championship coming to Purdue

It’s not a bird. It’s not a plane. It’s a drone! On Saturday (April 15), Purdue will host 48 pilots from schools across the nation during the first-ever Collegiate Drone Racing National Championship.

The Purdue Drone Club will compete against teams from universities including the University of California, Berkeley, Embry-Riddle Aeroautical University, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, Virginia Tech, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State, Tennessee Tech, the University of Alabama and the University of North Dakota, said Tyler Landers, Purdue Drone Club president. The event is free and open to the public. The race will be held at the Gold Intramural fields, and there will be free parking at the McCutcheon Parking Garage.

“Collegiate drone racing is an up-and-coming sport,” he said. “In January, Purdue hosted the first-ever intercollegiate drone race with Ohio State University and the University of Illinois. We are hoping the national championship gives the sport an even bigger boost.”

Every pilot competing builds their own drone, Landers said. The pilots use the homemade creations to navigate a complicated obstacle course at speeds that can reach 80-90 mph. They zig and zag through checkpoints and around flags, hoping to win part of the $10,000 worth of gear that is up for grabs. Prizes include motors, video goggles, video transmitters and other equipment that is necessary for racing.

“The Purdue Drone Club and the sport of collegiate drone racing helps promote the education and use of drone technology to both Purdue students and the community,” Landers said.

Spectators can try their hand at flying a drone in a simulator or with one of the mini drones that will be at the event. Continue reading about drone racing at Purdue.

(Source: Purdue University)

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